Wednesday, March 30, 2011

bibs, burps, and bows- OH MY!

I have a baby shower this weekend and this is what I am gifting to the expectant momma. It is a bib and burp set. The name is Raynor. Isn't that pretty? I love this new soft fabric that I tried out for the backing. It is so soft and I bet it will also be so absorbent....two EXCELLENT qualities in a bib and burp cloth! I also threw in this little pillowcase dress and I just adore the way it came out. I love this color palette for a little girl. It is so refreshing! The coolest thing is that Raynor has a big brother named Rials. Since I did a very handsome color combination for the "R", I have set myself up for the perfect sibling "T" shirt. Rials will be getting a white "T" with the posh dot "R" to match his new little sister's dress! I am so in love with this new posh dot design that I had to throw in a "G" for my sweet niece, Grace. I can't wait to see pictures of her in it with her matching ruffle pants;) And how about those bows. Is that ribbon not the CUTEST thing ever? I just LOVE the pom pom trim. It is so girly! Okay, okay...we love boys around here, so let's balance this post out with a boy baby gift. How cool is the name Vox? Same soft absorbent backing. This new mom is going to LOVE this set. A coordinating crown name patch on a onsie for the new little prince!
And I had to throw in this little striped hat. It just goes so perfectly with the colors!

I loved those first few days when I made sure to keep my little prince in a hat at all times.

New borns are so precious!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Around the House ( and the garage)

This is NOT the way a trailer hitch is used. I KNOW THIS! So does Big D. But when you want to get your boat into the garage and it is too big and you decide if you just let a little air out of the tires and hang the tongue of the trailer REALLY low that you can squeak it in, this is what you do. And that is what we did last fall. Well, now it is spring, and although we bought a different boat (the one in the picture is for sale if you know anyone who wawnts it- it has ben garage kept-HA! :), we needed to get this one out and shine her up for whoever her new lucky owner is! So this is a picture of us taking it out- you can see how very close it is! If you are married, you are likely to understand how hard and activity such as this can be on a marriage. I mean, he is in the truck and I am on a ladder shouting out orders and waving my hands around like an air traffic controller. We did it though, and the boat now stands proud and freshly waxed in our driveway! I must say that it looks great! Any takers? This the guy who waxed it...right after he washed his jeep, his cozy coupe, his front end loader, his four wheeler, and his tonka shape sorter sit and scoot. Well, not by himself of course.... The neighbor kid helped. I love workers who accept Capri Sun as payment!
Just kidding.

Dan helped the boys- of course we would not let them wax a 23 foot boat inside and out unsupervised...I mean, that would just be cruel and careless parenting!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

There is a contest over at I am Momma Hear Me Roar and I am entering!

The rules are simple, sometime in the month of March, design a top for a boy.

Well, little boys have a special place in my heart! I have one pretty cool one of my own.
And in case you haven't noticed, making shirts is one of my new favorite pastimes!
SOOOOOO the contest seemed like a natural.

Does everyone remember the story about the Toomer's Trees in Auburn, Alabama?
The CRAZY bama fan deliberatly poisoned the beautiful old Toomer's Oaks with the intention of KILLING THEM!

I am an Auburn Alum and LOVE LOVE LOVE my school so I was pretty upset about it! I think it hit me like a ton of bricks how very special things like old trees and traditions really are! I definitely became a tree hugger! I literally wanted to go hug those old trees as soon as I heard the news.
The idea for the shirt that I am entering blossomed during that time, but I have not had a chance to put it together.

My little model was a little shy at first!

But he warmed up pretty quickly!

It might not be the toughest little guy shirt that will be in the contest, but it definitely delivers a message that is dear to my family and my little tiger!

My Little Tree Hugger!

I am Momma Hear Me Roar, Thanks so much for hosting a great linky party and contest!
I am so excited to see all of the other boy shirt ideas!
Let's Hear it for the BOYS!
They are trying to save the trees....
if you would like to see the latest, you can check it out here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Auburn Mural

I knew it was going to be a good day when I pulled out of the driveway and saw this!
The first bloom of the 60 tulip bulbs that I planted last fall! YAY! My first tulip. It was supposed to be red, but hey...I think I like this color just fine!

Of course I ran out of batteries on my camera, so I need more pictures, but for now, these will get the idea across!
This is Aubie's cup! Momma G's. MMMMMMM... I could go for a momma's love and some nachos right about now!

Aubie reading the paper....
The heart with the Y2K has signifigance to the client. They spent New Year's Eve Y2K beneath the infamous trees!

The smoke signifies the players taking the field...
3 Heisman's- there is room for more....bring em on!

Toomer's drugs!
The car has a bumper sticker that says "honk if you sacked Brodie"
The little sign on the sidewalk says- Guthrie's after the game!

The only full picture that I have has a sketch taped to the tree....try to look past that and

The full mural in all it's glory.

I am so glad to be finished!

So....what do you think?

Dan's Birthday

I love my boys!

Friday was Dan's 35th birthday...yeah, he's a baby!

Jack and I treated him to a night on the town! We went to Sonic and sat outside and ate in the beautiful sunshine! Doesn't the birthday boy look delighted?

I decided a picture of the boys was in order. Jack decided it was not.

Dan and I try to be a united front when it comes to parenting.
SO, if momma says get in the picture, daddy says get in the picture.
You can see Dan is always happiest when torturing others.
Jack was glad to give you the oppurtunity to find some fun on your birthday!
Happy Birthday baby!
Jack and I love you to the moon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

auburn mural finished....sneak peak!

I am finally finished with the Auburn Mural!
I am so looking forward to a free weekend at the end of this week and I am so happy with the way that it turned out!
I will give the full tour as soon as I get caught up!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Man....that was fresh!

I do actually try to make things for my own kid from time to time.
Things sit in my head and marinate WAY to long for my taste.
It seems like by the time I actually get to some things, they are already "stale" in my head.
This littl diddy is way to summery and fresh to be stale. I hope my little man likes it as much as I do!

I have been dying to do a little carrot car for him for easter, so I made the bunny out of seersucker to match the seersucker shorts!
I am working on a little bucket with a carrot car for his easter basket too!

I am ALMOST there on the auburn mural.
One more day for just a few hours should do the trick. It is coming along nicely. I forgot my camera, so this was the only picture that I took.

Here is my pride and joy! He looks so cute with his little collar shirt! Right after I took this, he said "no mommy....don't take it in my eyes"!
And yes, he is sitting on a santa blanket. I still have it out and he uses it for his "breakfast picnic" while I take a shower.
Yeah yeah yeah....we do what we have to to get out the door in the morning!

We have been LOVING our new Tangerine Tambourines album!
They are an awesome band from my hometown of Decatur, AL that plays kid friendly pop music.
You can go to their website and download the album. They just ask that you donate to charitywater to help build a well for people in Africa. What a great casue!You just can't lose on this people SO go download the album and donate whatever you would like! It is for a GREAT cause!
Whevever we get in the car, Jack asks for his NEW MUSIC ( the new tangerine tambourines)
and he dances and sings and slaps his knees. It is SOOO cute. I whipped out the camera when we pulled into Miss Kim's the other morning. If you can possibly make it through him pouting and me singing ( UGGGGHHH) it is worth it at the end of the song when he hears one of his favorite parts!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


( my precious niece in her new pickle tree gear)
So, the sleep chart is working it's working, it is REALLY working!

( an adorable way to get a "st patty's day shirt" that will last all year!)
He is sleeping in his bed...ALL NIGHT!
I am almost afraid to publish the words for fear I will jinx myself, but I think we have actually gotten through the "nightmare" phase! AND a handy side effect is that we have successfully gone from crib to bed.

(perfect for summer personalized crab T shirt)
Now, on to the passy and then to the potty training.
AHHHHHH...a mother's work is never done!

Love that little man!
Speaking of little man- Dan dressed him yesterday morning and he looked so adorable, I took a picture. I hope to post it soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I want to remember

I have been so super busy at my day job (people are buying houses- YAY!!!), at my "night" job (sewing/painting), at being mommy(nightmares/ not sleeping in own bed/ flu), at being a part of a married couple (buying a new boat/ taxes/ Kid Rock concert)!

It seems the only thing that I take pictures of anymore are my creations! Quite frankly, I am not quite sure when I am fitting that in. I can tell you this- it is NOT during daylight hours, hence the poor quality/lighting.

While that might be the only thing that I take pictures of, it is CERTAINLY not the only thing that I want to remember.....

The mommy part is my favorite. Jack is 2 1/2.
Need I say more?
The mommy part is the most challenging. Jack is 2 1/2.
Need I say more?
If you have, have EVER had, or have ever MET a 2 1/2 year old boy, I think you know where I am coming from!

He wants to do everything on his own. Shoes on the wrong feet when I am 10 minutes late walking out the door for work included. Can we say trying your patience????
Have you ever watched a 2 year old eat a bowl of chocolate cheerios by himself in a big chair at the kitchen table? Let's just say that a lot of milk ends op on the floor. I think we all know that milk forgetten on a hardwood floor= trouble.

But have you ever seen how adorble it is to watch a 2 year old eat his first bowl of chocolate cheerios complete with milk and spoon in a big boy chair at the kitchen table?
He is bursting with PRIDE! He tells me, mommy, I like this SOOOO much. He offers me bite after bite. He gets the VERY. LAST. CHEERIO. on his spoon ALL BY HIMSELF. It is a beautiful thing!

The biggest challenge right now is trying to get him to sleep in his big boy bed. He keeps waking up almost every 3 hours and calling mommy! It is getting better. There have been two days in a row this week that he has gotten to put stickers on his "sweep chart" (sleep chart) for staying in his bed all night. It is working. I am glad.
I am also a little sad. We are NOT a co-sleeping family. Not because I think it is bad, just because I think I am paranoid that I will have a baby in my bed for the rest of my life!
Still, I have secretly ( not so secretly anymore) enjoyed the past few weeks. I love the way he nuzzles next to me while he sleeps. He does NOT do that during the day! I even love the way he kicks both legs over my head and sleeps sideways in the bed. I love the way he goes from dead asleep to full on conversation in 2 seconds FLAT. He wakes and immediately launches into conversations about breakfast, soccer(thanks grandma), best friends, cars. It does not matter. The day has begun and I better get going or get left in his dust! I love the cuddles and the tickles and the giggles!
I am still working at getting him to sleep in his on bed.
Am I dragging my feet a little? Maybe, maybe not. I am not quite sure myself.
What I am sure of is this....even though it is hard to capture in a photograph,
I want to remember the snuggles tickles and giggles- always.