Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Mantel Design

I was talking with friends yesterday and mentioned something about my blog and they were like, " you have a blog"? and I was like...yeah, it has been a while, huh? maybe I will do the mantle post that I took pictures for a WHIIIIILE back! I mean, I used to get so into the link parties and decorating for the holidays, etc...
and even if I was busy or running low on creativity and time, I would at least do something like this
anywho, just to let you guys know that I am still alive and kickin' it. ( I know the phrase is alive and kicking- this is my own personal version. "Alive and kickin' it" is like cold kickin' it live, which is completely different and much cooler than the original version).
Here is what my mantel looks like these days!!!

The 5 year ago me, would have been struggling to let this play session go more than about 20 minutes before we cleaned it up. Now I am all like, that is tooo cute! Let's keep it all week!
I am embracing my new life ya' is a defense mechanism to try and keep the crazy at bay!