Friday, September 30, 2011

Shopping for Kids Clothes

The truth is, I do not have to shop much for my son because my mother and father in-law spoil him rotten ( ina a good way) in the clthing department.
When I was pregnant and could not wait to start buying I stocked up on Ralph Lauren stuff at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. I also frequented a consignment shop near my home that was FANTASTIC for getting Ralph Lauren which I LOVE for little boys!!!
I also love Zulily for some great just have to be on top of it.
These days, if I want something special for my boy, or want something special for one of my adorable nieces, or if I need an extra special gift...I make it!

Yes Friends, I am The Pickle Tree on etsy.

So whenever I am looking for a gift or something special....I turn to the sewing/ embroidery machine!

You can too....or if not, you can ask me to!

Christmas Pillowcase Dress

Perfectly Plush Minky Snowman Pinafore

Reversible Auburn/Thanksgiving turkey romper

Alabama Pinafore

Just go to The Pickle Tree on etsy.

Join Kelly over at Kelly's Korner for some more GREAT shopping ideas!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Perfectly Precious Plush Snowman Pinafore for the Holidays

 I am loving this new pinafore for the holidays. It is made of minky dot fabric.
Have you ever felt minky dot fabric? It is oh so soft!
 I love pinafore styling. The criss cross in the back is just so precious to me. It also goes a long way in helping things fit through a couple of seasons.
It was sooo easy. Another heat and bond project. I can also make the buttons all black, but I like the idea of doing multi color to make it fun. It is super versatile. It can be worn with any color top underneath and would be sweet with jeans, tights or ruffle pants.
The Pickle Tree is getting ready for the holidays!!!!
How about you?

Hop on over to my etsy shop if you want me to make one JUST FOR YOU!

Hop on over to Savvy Southern Style for some more great WOW projects!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll

I love the Lettered Cottage, and today, they are doing their famous linky party for mantle ideas.
Well, I MUST admit that I really did not put a TON of effort into my mantle. It looks pretty much the same as it always does except for one PERFECT little fall touch!

NOTHING says fall like a little Auburn football around our house!

If you LOVE it, or need one for a, ahem, different team, check out my dear friend's etsy shop.

The Lettered Cottage

Friday, September 23, 2011

Where I Like to Shop


I don't shop a lot mainly because I am super busy ( who isn't, right?) but also because my darling mother-in-law ( and father-in-law) buy me TONS of adorable clothes!

They shop mostly at Kohls and Belk. ( We all miss Parisians like crazy cakes!!!!)

I love the new J-Lo line at Kohl's!

I am a southern girl through and through and I bleed orange and blue, so when fall rolls around, I love to find sophistocated ways to wear my orange and blue!

I am also a boots girl and I have my eye on this type of maxi skirt for the winter to throw on with some boots....comfortable AND ready for the office- MY FAVORITE!

In the end, I will probably just grab things off of the 75% off rack at Target. That is really how I roll these days. I pop in to buy towels or shipping supplies for The Pickle Tree and swing through the women's clearance!
But hey- a girl can dream, right?

Kelly's Korner SUYL is all about where people like to shop so go check out the others! They are bound to have some cool ideas!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For a Christening Celebration

 I had a custom request for a twin niece and nephew's Christening
 No specific instructions...
 Just the names, date, and I was asked to incorporate the cross....
 I really like the way they came out.
 I sure hope their aunt likes 'em too!
What a special gift that will surely be treasured. I am honored to be a part of it!
I think I am going to show 'em off over at Wow Us Wednesday's at
You should check it out too- there are always so many cool things to see!

September is National Sewing Month

Huh...who knew that I have been celebrating this month?

Here all these 20 days, I thought I was just slaving away at the sewing machine....

When really, I have been behaving more like a party animal.

I have been celebrating National Sewing Month!

With so much to season, Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes people....yes it has already started.
Christmas too....

The only time I am not at my sewing machine lately, I am at work.
(full time day job)

Jack asks me constantly...mommy is that for me? Is THAT one for me?

I am trying to teach him the concept of doing things for money. You know a JOB.

He seems to be catching on. He is very understanding.

I love the opportunity to sew all these adorable things for others.
It is SOO much fun to me.

Still, as a momma, what I really want to do is make things for my baby.

So when I found this precious pattern for a reversible hero cape/ vest....I could not resist!

Of course I could not get a good picture of Blu wearing it...

He was WAY too busy flying around!

I DID try!

The other side is super man and I just LOVE it.

This little guy ONLY wants to be BAT he says it.

Works for me!
Oh...and Happy National Sewing Month to you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

God Bless America

 This is my view each morning on my way to work....
 Well, the field is. It does not always have 3000 flags on it.
 But it did all last week in honor of the anniversary of 9/11.
 I could never take a photograph to do it justice. It is absolutely breathtaking. far as the eye can is so beautiful.
It can never make up for all of the beautiful lives that were shattered on that terrifying day 10 years ago.
I do think it is a beautiful gesture of rememberance. A symbol of resiliance of the American people.
God Bless America.
And God Bless the families that were forever changed on that day.