Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I want to remember

I have been so super busy at my day job (people are buying houses- YAY!!!), at my "night" job (sewing/painting), at being mommy(nightmares/ not sleeping in own bed/ flu), at being a part of a married couple (buying a new boat/ taxes/ Kid Rock concert)!

It seems the only thing that I take pictures of anymore are my creations! Quite frankly, I am not quite sure when I am fitting that in. I can tell you this- it is NOT during daylight hours, hence the poor quality/lighting.

While that might be the only thing that I take pictures of, it is CERTAINLY not the only thing that I want to remember.....

The mommy part is my favorite. Jack is 2 1/2.
Need I say more?
The mommy part is the most challenging. Jack is 2 1/2.
Need I say more?
If you have, have EVER had, or have ever MET a 2 1/2 year old boy, I think you know where I am coming from!

He wants to do everything on his own. Shoes on the wrong feet when I am 10 minutes late walking out the door for work included. Can we say trying your patience????
Have you ever watched a 2 year old eat a bowl of chocolate cheerios by himself in a big chair at the kitchen table? Let's just say that a lot of milk ends op on the floor. I think we all know that milk forgetten on a hardwood floor= trouble.

But have you ever seen how adorble it is to watch a 2 year old eat his first bowl of chocolate cheerios complete with milk and spoon in a big boy chair at the kitchen table?
He is bursting with PRIDE! He tells me, mommy, I like this SOOOO much. He offers me bite after bite. He gets the VERY. LAST. CHEERIO. on his spoon ALL BY HIMSELF. It is a beautiful thing!

The biggest challenge right now is trying to get him to sleep in his big boy bed. He keeps waking up almost every 3 hours and calling mommy! It is getting better. There have been two days in a row this week that he has gotten to put stickers on his "sweep chart" (sleep chart) for staying in his bed all night. It is working. I am glad.
I am also a little sad. We are NOT a co-sleeping family. Not because I think it is bad, just because I think I am paranoid that I will have a baby in my bed for the rest of my life!
Still, I have secretly ( not so secretly anymore) enjoyed the past few weeks. I love the way he nuzzles next to me while he sleeps. He does NOT do that during the day! I even love the way he kicks both legs over my head and sleeps sideways in the bed. I love the way he goes from dead asleep to full on conversation in 2 seconds FLAT. He wakes and immediately launches into conversations about breakfast, soccer(thanks grandma), best friends, cars. It does not matter. The day has begun and I better get going or get left in his dust! I love the cuddles and the tickles and the giggles!
I am still working at getting him to sleep in his on bed.
Am I dragging my feet a little? Maybe, maybe not. I am not quite sure myself.
What I am sure of is this....even though it is hard to capture in a photograph,
I want to remember the snuggles tickles and giggles- always.

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