Wednesday, March 30, 2011

bibs, burps, and bows- OH MY!

I have a baby shower this weekend and this is what I am gifting to the expectant momma. It is a bib and burp set. The name is Raynor. Isn't that pretty? I love this new soft fabric that I tried out for the backing. It is so soft and I bet it will also be so absorbent....two EXCELLENT qualities in a bib and burp cloth! I also threw in this little pillowcase dress and I just adore the way it came out. I love this color palette for a little girl. It is so refreshing! The coolest thing is that Raynor has a big brother named Rials. Since I did a very handsome color combination for the "R", I have set myself up for the perfect sibling "T" shirt. Rials will be getting a white "T" with the posh dot "R" to match his new little sister's dress! I am so in love with this new posh dot design that I had to throw in a "G" for my sweet niece, Grace. I can't wait to see pictures of her in it with her matching ruffle pants;) And how about those bows. Is that ribbon not the CUTEST thing ever? I just LOVE the pom pom trim. It is so girly! Okay, okay...we love boys around here, so let's balance this post out with a boy baby gift. How cool is the name Vox? Same soft absorbent backing. This new mom is going to LOVE this set. A coordinating crown name patch on a onsie for the new little prince!
And I had to throw in this little striped hat. It just goes so perfectly with the colors!

I loved those first few days when I made sure to keep my little prince in a hat at all times.

New borns are so precious!

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