Monday, March 28, 2011

Around the House ( and the garage)

This is NOT the way a trailer hitch is used. I KNOW THIS! So does Big D. But when you want to get your boat into the garage and it is too big and you decide if you just let a little air out of the tires and hang the tongue of the trailer REALLY low that you can squeak it in, this is what you do. And that is what we did last fall. Well, now it is spring, and although we bought a different boat (the one in the picture is for sale if you know anyone who wawnts it- it has ben garage kept-HA! :), we needed to get this one out and shine her up for whoever her new lucky owner is! So this is a picture of us taking it out- you can see how very close it is! If you are married, you are likely to understand how hard and activity such as this can be on a marriage. I mean, he is in the truck and I am on a ladder shouting out orders and waving my hands around like an air traffic controller. We did it though, and the boat now stands proud and freshly waxed in our driveway! I must say that it looks great! Any takers? This the guy who waxed it...right after he washed his jeep, his cozy coupe, his front end loader, his four wheeler, and his tonka shape sorter sit and scoot. Well, not by himself of course.... The neighbor kid helped. I love workers who accept Capri Sun as payment!
Just kidding.

Dan helped the boys- of course we would not let them wax a 23 foot boat inside and out unsupervised...I mean, that would just be cruel and careless parenting!

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