Thursday, December 30, 2010

Busy as Can Bee!

This is one of the applique designs that I am using over at the Pickle Tree! I have been busy busy trying to get things off the ground. The Etsy shop is up and running. I am still trying to convert some pictures of hair bow holders and canvas's to add to the shop. Etsy will only take pictures at 2M or under....who knew???
So anyway. I need to get some Christmas pictures up, but they are not on my laptop and that is just about all that I have been using this week. I have been following the little man all around the house. We are currently in the unfinished basement riding on the tractor, pushing the lawnmower and riding in the cozy coupe!
I will be trying to get some pictures up ASAP!
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Adam

You know...the day before Christmas Eve....

I decided to go with a non traditonal theme on the card this was fun!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jack's First Gingerbread House

So this is Jack's first gingerbread house. I did the icing and Dan and Jack did the candies. I think they did an excellent job.

Jack wanted to eat the candy the whole time. I am pretty pleased with the amount of candy that actually made it on the house. I have it on display on the kitchen table. He kept getting a fork and trying to eat off of it for the first three or four days after we finished it, but I think he gets is now. We just enjoy looking at it!
It is getting so close to Christmas..I can taste it!

Friday, December 17, 2010

A List

Jack says the craziest things lately. Who knows where he gets them...Me, Dan, Mrs. Kim, the TV?

Where ever it is, I want to put down for the record that at 2 1/2 these were some of the things he said- without my prompting!

1) I said Okie Dokie...he said Artichok-ie

2) We were in CVS and he saw the toys and said "mommy- this is the BEST TRACTOR EVER!

(yes, I bought the darn tractor)

3) I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said "get out of my face"

( hey- I said this was a list- not a list of only the nice things...he was punished for that one!)

4) We were driving down the street and he said..."slow down mommy, take your time".

( for the record, I was not going fast)

5) He sees all of the Christmas lights and says..."Ahhh, how cute, how pretty"

6) We got in the car this morning and he said "mommy, I want to go to Lowe's"

(I guess Dan has taken him on one too many work supply runs!)

I am sure there will be so many more...he has been keeping me in stitches lately. I cannot believe how that little mind of his comes up with this stuff!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yeah I stole it, but it was worth it!

I got this from Big Mama's Blog- I could not resist sharing it:)

I love how Santa has a costume malfunction!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The only thing that seperates us from the animals is our abilty to accessorize!

and accessorizing is something that Jack LOVES to do! hats, sunglasses, belts..he loves it all!

He went in to his room and got this hat out himself and wore it around the house all day on Sunday. He got it out this morning and wore it to school...

Dang He's cute!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My New Baby Has ARRIVED!

I think we are going to be good friends. There was a bond before I ever even laid eyes on her.
I could feel in my GUT that she was there before I got home yesterday. I just KNEW that she was on the porch waiting for me!
My anticipation grows as I sit and read all about her. I try not to get to excited, because I don't want to rush mantra- you have plenty of time to learn about her, plenty of time to learn about her.....

if you would like to meet my baby...I think I am going to call her Bertha!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is there an age limit to crayon aprons?

Because I think I am in love if I do say so myself!

It holds 15 crayons and is reversible...your little artist can also use her crayon apron for a cooking apron!


Oh well, for now, I think I will just work with something more my size!

Not to shabby for a boring old grown up apron, huh?
If you like these aprons, you will love what I have in store for you for the first of the year...
Stay tuned!
There could be an etsy shop in my immediate future....

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Welcome to the Marshes!
Thanks for stopping by!

I have so enjoyed getting my Christmas decorations out this year!
Not because of the Christmas decorations (I am actually ready to revamp!), but because of the feelings of nostalgia that I am getting this year with Jack. He is at the age that he realizes it is "Christmas-time" and he is so excited that Santa is bringing presents to put under the tree! Children truly do make holidays fun again!

(I got the pennant pictured above for Jack's Birthday party above at Magpie and Cake's shop on etsy. It has been worth every penny- it is beautiful oil cloth on one side and chalkboard fabric on the other...I know this picture is not the best quality, but it says "believe")

We decorated a gingerbread house yesterday, but I will spare you the puny picture and instead post for your enjoyment my fake ginger bread cookies!

I freshened up my wreath this year with a green velvet ribbon. My Noel is currently reading husband likes to rearrange the letters!

I decked out my topiary!

This is what I am calling Santa Central. I should have taken a close up. The picture at the top is of Santa. The Santa Claus stocking holder is holding Santa's watch!

The tree with the snow village in the background...

The tree and the mantle...

My husband did a beautiful job on the exterior illumination as always. I decided that is was too cold to take pictures outdoors this weekend, but I will take some and post them once things thaw out.... is cold!

Thanks for joining me a quick tour!
I have not had time to make a super interesting post as I have been a busy little elf getting my etsy shop ready to launch in 2011!
...but I do so hope you enjoyed it!
There are tons of other beautiful homes to enjoy over at The Nester's Tour of Homes!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Apron Strings

I am so excited to show you my "new line". I am making aprons, full and half. I am also about to start adorable little crayon aprons and possibly crayon wallets!

This little Beauty is reversible with a coordinating pocket on each side.

I LOVE it!

Look for more to come. I am stocking up and diversifying because...

well it is coming...

stay tuned!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting excited to do the Auburn Mural

Looks like it will be at LEAST February or March before I can get the Auburn Mural started.

With all of the SEC excitement, I am sad that it is not already completed as planned.

Oh well life happens!

In the meantime, it has been fun putting together these little ornaments to commemorate our GREAT SEASON!

Here's hoping for another special title we can commemorate for 2011! It should make for another cool addition to the mural as well. They say everything happens for a reason...maybe there is something special that was meant to go into this Auburn Mural! hint hint...WAR EAGLE!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Great- To Be- AN AUBURN TIGER!

We did not go to the game. We considered it, but in the end decided that the money that the tickets would have cost us would be better spent somewhere else.

I know, we are SO boring.
So anyway, we did volunteer to keep our friends son who is almost Jack's age(he is three weeks older) so that they could go to the game and at this moment, I could not be happier about that.
Even though we are sad that we did not go to such an AWESOME event- I am pretty stoked that I am not fighting traffic and riding MARTA right now.

Jack (ours) and Aiden (theirs) are 2 and a half. Does that tell you how are day went?

Jack: "mine"
Aiden: "no, mine"
Jack: "Aiden, that is mine"
Aiden:" no mine"
Me: " I am about to start handing out spankings"
Jack: "give me that"
Aiden: " Ouch- he ran over my toe"
Jack: "hehehe"
Me: "No, Jack, where the hell did Dan go?"

You get the idea...

But seriously, for a couple of 2 1/2 year olds who got to play outside for a total of 45 minutes in an ENTIRE rainy cold day and who were told, no movies, while we watched a FABULOUS game of football!

They were really good. Both two sweet little boys who are sure to be great friends!
(like their parents;)

AHHHHHH....It's great to be an Auburn Tiger (with two-2 1/2 year olds who are fast asleep for the night! and two pizzas and two good friends on the way and a fridge full of mommy cokes)!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa- and Corvette!

When Jack is at the Marsh's, or Grandma's and Grandpa's as he likes to call it, he is right at home. He loves all the outside play time and playing with all of daddy's and Uncle John's old toys.
He spent LOTS of time there during the Thanksgiving break.

But it really does not matter what kind of toys are over there, his favorite is Grandpa's CORVETTE!
He KNOWS that corvette.
He talks about it all of the time.
He always calls all of his matchbox cars that are corvettes by the correct name.
I should say he also says mustang, jeep, and hummer.

He looks so big in this picture. Now if I could just get him to give up his passy.
I think I could bribe him with a Corvette!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catching Up! Thanksgiving week was wonderful and now it is over and that is wonderful too!

This is how we all felt after a long week of doctors appointments, physical therapy, pharmacy runs, grocery shopping, tree decorating, Thanksgiving Day cooking, cleaning, appliances installations, trips to see grandmas, great grandmas and aunts and uncles...It was all so wonderful, but really wore us out!

Now that we are getting back into the routine, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! At least all the bags are unpacked! I am starting to get back to it and am a busy little bee, so this will be a dump of a week's worth of life so that I can keep moving onward and upward and hopefully share some exciting news soon!

Jack and I had a great time spending the week together. It was nice to slow down a bit and play together.

There is the most amazing park in Decatur called Adventure Park that was built collectively by resident volunteers. Jack loves it and so do I, so we decided to go hang out one afternoon.

That boy is not afraid of anything. Well, unless you count the vacuum cleaner which he will randomly tell you that the vacuum cleaner won't "hurt choo" it is for "cleaning carpet". Poor guy is scared, but at least he is trying to talk him self out of it!

He always goes the the highest slide in the park first!
Not just here, but at any park.

He was kind enough to oblige his older but not much bigger cousin Grace when she wanted him to go down the slide in her lap.

He looks bored:) He would much rather be going head first and upside down and backwards!
Grace on the other hand seems to be LOVING it!

Jack kept telling my "higher"
Grace kept telling me "that's enough"
as I was push them- so cute!

Grace was a brave girl in the 2nd annual tree climbing picture extravaganza!

On Thanksgiving, me and KK and Grace played the FUNNIEST game of UNO ever.

While Miss Grace might be a little on the safe side at the playground, she is a wild woman when it comes to card games. She boldly declared whatever color she wanted each time it was her turn to lay down a card.
We explained to her each time that was not the way that the game was played, but she persisted.

Yes, those are fake fingernails and real makeup.
Another thing she can be a persistent little booger about.

How can two sisters have such different complexions?
Why do I look as though I am glowing while Kelly looks like she just came in from the beach?

Oh yeah, I get my complexion from my mom and she gets her from dad.

I did not get any good shots of the turkey, or any of the yummy food that I made, but I can assure you, it was delicious. The gentleman who gave us a turkey did a FANTASTIC job! It was so good. He also cruelly introduced be to peanut butter pie which I had never had the pleasure of sampling before and now I can't stop thinking about it.....
I did get a good shot of my injured hand. Dan impaled me with a butcher knife right before the meal.
I was kind of proud of my battle scar!

So Friday we went to our friends the Gates' house for the iron bowl. It was a nail biter! Our tigers really let the tide roll over us in the first half. Thank goodness we came back in the second and scored! Jack and their second son Aiden are about 3 weeks apart. They are quite the little playmates. As you can see, they had the Kirk's as playmates as well.

There was a squishy ball with a net around it and when you squeezed it, it would "squish" out of the net holes and change colors.
Jack and Aiden LOVED it! They were making all sorts of funny faces while they squeezed!
(*yes that is a tide fan you see there- we usually don't like mixed company for the iron bowl, but Brian is an exception)

If you are still with me, it is a miracle...
But I would be crazy not to mention the awesome Thanksgiving meal that we had at the Marsh's on Thursday night. I have no pictures to accompany it, but it was gooooo-oooood! Jack ate like it was his first meal ever! He really enjoyed it. Especially the sweet potatoes. I think he and his cousin Emily might be duking it out in the near future on who can eat the most of the sweet potato casserole.
I DO have some adorable pictures of Jack in his Grampa's corvette which I MUST share, but alas, I think I am probably the only one still participating in this I will spare you until the next time:)