Monday, February 9, 2015

My Poor Baby

In case you are a reader of this blog, and are wondering what happened to us...we are here! And if you worry that the baby does not get as much attention as the first born, well you are just WRONG! But also right? He gets a different kind. Not the kind of attention that I could give as a working outside of the home mom! That being the well documented kind that someone who has a commute has time to arrange in her head because of the few moments of silence. Our dear little "pup" as his father now calls him, receives the hands on attention that I am capable of as work from home mom. The kind that I cobble together between work because no one else is going to do it! Ha! Just kidding! I have no choice but to be well organized with my time. But the noise... The constant noise and chattering of not just one, but two precious rambunctious boys. Ahhhhh. It leaves my brain utterly blank! I do manage to do special things for the baby though. In those few precious hours while he is at preschool! Stuff like this.

I have been planning and assembling this for two weeks now! It takes that many little moments grabbed here and there. 
I have also finally started organizing the beautiful baby photography that I have of the boys.

Please ignore the stock picture frame photo in one of Jack's! I did not have this vision when I chose the landscape direction that does not work here. 
Anyway.... Carpool awaits!
It would be way too fake for me to finish a thought here anyway. That NEVER happens here;)