Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bruthas and Sistas at the Brick

So it's been a while since I have gone out. I mean, I am not living under a rock or anything, but since I got pregnant with little boy blu, I have not exactly been a party animal. It has actually been fine by new lifestyle. I actually enjoy going to bed early and getting an early start to my day. Dan has plenty of friends to keep him busy. It is not like my new thing is holding him back. He still goes to see Kid Rock and Jimmy Buffett in concert, hangs out on the boat with Barry ( barry's boat- we are still grieving giving up our boat), goes out on occasion with the boys. I have had a few fun outings. I did go see Jimmy Buffet while I was pregnant ( NOT THE SAME EXPERIENCE), I went out with Dan for Barry's birthday, we had some people to the house for Dan's birthday. I have had my share of fun. But I have really not gone OUT OUT since November of 2007. ( Rayna, Lara, and know the night!)
It was high time for some of this.....

Me and my sister and brother are VERY close. We are all in different towns these days. Since my brother turned 21 two summers ago, we have talked a big talk about all going "OUT" together. Be it pregnancy, scheduling conflicts, whatever the case may have been, we could never quite work it out......

Until this past weekend! Man oh Man did we do it up right! Black Label, this band that my sister LOVES, was playing at the Brick. The Brick is a hang out in my home town. We packed up and headed out for a night of food, drinks, dancing and laughs! We had such a great time together. It was SOOOO nice to cut loose ( that's me in the miller light cheers-ing on the left).

(WOW! I need a tan and a steady diet of water and lettuce...I will just blame it on Jack for a little while longer! OK, OK, for the sake of documentation, I will grin and bear the horrible picture of myself, cause my sista and J to the B-ro look fabulous!)

We had such a great time together. I must admit, it was a mighty tame night compared to some of my old exploits, but in my old age, I cannot deny that I was getting tired and ornery by the time the lights came up in the bar- oh yeah...we closed it down! We even did a drive by to Krystals. GUT BOMBS ALL AROUND! Thanks for joining us, Tina! I am glad the whole dead guy on the balcony thing ended up being's a long story. " Shut the Front Door!" You just had to be there!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby's First Easter

We had a nice Easter. It was probably the first time that I have ever spent a major holiday in Georgia. It was nice to hang around the house with my boys! The Easter Bunny came and Jack really enjoyed his basket of goodies! Jack is such a lucky boy...he had already met the Easter Bunny at a previous engagement AKA the Easter Party at Miss Kim's. He looked SO CUTE!