Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 We are still here...thriving, really. I am just not doing a great job of recording it all here on the ole bloggity-blog! Our baby boy is one! ONE!
Shepherd is such a sweet and good baby. I am so lucky to have him. He is crawling on all fours now, and pulling up on EVERYTHING! His little head pretty much stays banged up these days. He is a tough one, though! He says ma-ma, da-da, bye bye, dog, uh-oh, and brother. He loves to play with the tupperware when I am in the kitchen and LOVES to feed the dogs from the "table"."( his high chair) He has four teeth on the bottom and almost all four are in on the top. He loves to eat cheese puffs ( the baby kind), strawberries, green beans, peaches, bread and cheese. He does not really like the deli meat and chicken and hot dogs that I have tried to give him, so we don't press...otherwise, he will pretty much eat most everything we eat! He JUST started holding his bottle and drinking from a cup. That stubborn little guy would not lift a finger if he thought he could keep us working:) When he is finished drinking if we are holding the bottle or cup he will put his pointer and middle finger at the rim and push it away, very gentlemanly like! He is NOT very consistent in the sleep department. He will sleep from 7 till 7 for a few weeks and then suddenly just start waking at 3-4 am for days at a time. Yes, I usually blame teething or the fluid that they keep finding on his ears, but I think he is just not a really consistent sleeper. He is kind of sketchy on his naps too. He gets tubes in his ears next week, and although it is a very routine procedure, this momma is worried sick. He is a daddy's boy through and through. Jack was not really like this, so it is very noticeable. Dan HUNG THE MOON as far as Shep is concerned. He just coos, oohs ahhs and hollers when Dan walks in and reaches to daddy to be held. His favorite word is da-da. We sang Happy Birthday to big brother last night and Shep SANG. He really did. He has been singing with me since he was tee tiny! He can whistle and he LOVES to dance. Love that baby boy of mine! I am trying to take in every little baby moment without rushing us on to the next phase! His birthday party was on May the 19th, so as you can see I am behind on the picture posting. BUT, it happened, we celebrated in grand nautical style!
 What did I do before pinterest? Love this idea for putting berries and snacks in small cups for little hands!

 My cucumber whale was brilliant in concept ( from Pinterest of course) but the execution was a little "sideways" HA!
 Sail Boats

 Swedish Fish and blinking light squishy ball party favors.

About a week old on the left and about 8 months on the right.

The photo booth idea that I stole from Jarah was a hit....all the pics are on my phone and I think I posted them all to Facebook??? My sister Kelly whipped up this cute sign in about 2 seconds flat. Wish I had a batter pic of it!