Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding Planning

It has been a LOOOOONG time ( 8 years) since I was in the throws of planning my wedding, but even back in the dark ages, I knew to use the These days, I am more into the, but I can still certainly remember the excitement, anxiety and uncertainty that go along with wedding planning!
It is a topic that is near and dear to my heart...I have the scars from the repetitive nightmares to prove it. HA!

I have a friend who does burlap runners and she is a great source for receptions. She caters to brides all of the time! Burlap is so versatile and makes a beautiful table for an indoor or outdoor reception!
You can find her and her beautiful things over at

Looking for a unique wedding gift? Check out her personalized burlap pillow. I LOVE THIS!

Custom Burlap Wedding Date pillow - Remember the Special Day

Speaking of wedding gifts and memorable personalized items, check out my talented sisters shop at

What a sweet gift!

Great heirloom piece.

LOVE this for a bridesmaids gift!

Speaking of bridesmaids gifts....
My shop, is currently on vacation, but I work with brides all of the time for gifts and bachelorette party favors!

The favorite: BEACH TOWELS!

For all of you brides to wishes to you and happy planning!

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing a Show Us Your Life about Wedding Planning. I remember those days like it was yesterday( though it was actually far from it) and I had some cute ideas, so I thought I would link up!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Traditions

This is the second year that we have done a gingerbread house and it a new tradition that I ABSOLUTELY love!

Blu just loves doing it and the undivided attention and concentration that we share on a common goal is just priceless to me!

We have decided that even though all of our loved ones are in Alabama, Christmas Eve will be spent at our own home in Georgia every year.

I would love to have the extra time in Alabama...but they are only little once and somehow the magic of Santa is diminished if he can't come to your own, we will soldier own at our own place in the name of magical traditions.

Even though we were a small group on Christmas Eve, I decided to make it a special dinner by setting the dining room table. Maybe when the kids get older we can actually start pulling out the china!!!

We allowed Jack to open the presents that were from mommy and daddy on Christmas Eve. I think that is a great way to make room for Santa on Christmas morning!

My little plan almost backfired, though. When we started putting the presents under the tree; to Blu, from us, he said, "that is so nice of you. Now Santa does not need to come". 
It all worked out in the end. We straightened it out!

Jack received one very special present that he just adores. It was a hot wheels race track that was his daddy's when he was little! must be SUPER OLD!

This little guy was SOOOO tired! He did not nap like he usually does. At this point of the evening, he was running on pure adrenaline!

He was such a big boy this year. Not only could he open all of his presents by himself, he could even get the hotwheels and monster trucks out of the packages.
Ahhhhhh...little boys all grow up.

I think we did good! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Seems I have gotten myself into quite a PICKLE!!!

 I know...I know...the Pickle Tree is closed, right?

Well, it is trying to be anyway:)

I certainly have not taken any new orders.

But I am not joking, since closing on November 30th for the holidays....

Yesterday afternoon was the first day that I did not "work" a full day probably since July.

and people, I do not mean like M-F kinda days...

I mean like 7 days a week!

Sure...I have had SOME time off.
Some days I have somewhere to be on the weekends. On those days I am literally starting the next embroidery thread stop in between towel drying and blow drying my hair going in between the bathroom and the shop fighting a battle of wills....
with myself....
finish this ONE get ready to go so you won't be late.....

But Saturday...
oh sweet Saturday....
I FINALLY finished the LAST official order and tied it up with a bow ( literally cause that is how I roll) packed it and had it ready fro shipping on Monday.


What to do then? Well get busy on my own personal Christmas gifts that needed personalization of course. So over the course of Saturday afternoon and into Sunday I wrapped up most all of that. Well, at least enough that I felt FREEEEEEE!!!!!!

I cannot tell you what good having that one little afternoon to myself, (well not so much to myself but I definitely got to relax with my husband and son), did for my soul.
I felt like a new woman by the end of the day.
So much so, that the wrapping gifts till WAAAAAY past my bedtime last night did not feel so bad!

I am feeling so good that I am realizing that opening the shop up at the beginning of the year is NOT going to allow myself to soak up enough of the goodness that I am craving.

I must admit that I will miss it a bit, but I will be back.

I am just thinking that it will be closer to February than January.

I think yesterday spoiled me!

So...from the Pickle Tree...
Have  yourself a merry little christmas...the pickle is signing out till February!!! ( at least)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

anyone still out there??? The Grinch

I have been on a bit of an unintentional "break".
Busy at work, busy at home, and yes...even though I have been closed since November 30th, still super busy at the Pickle Tree.
I usually have no time to figure out and execute all the wonderful ways to take advantage of living near a large city like Atlanta. Lucklily for me, I have a few girlfriends with kids Blu's age who are experts at it! Last weekend, we took the kids to see the Grinch at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta.
I discovered that plays, to my dismay, are not really Jack's bag. We had a great time, but sitting still in the dark watching a not so up close and personal live production proved to be a bit too much for his attention span! He was pretty much over it as soon as the "sparkly" man playing the organ was through and the lights went down.

He sure loved getting to hang out with one of his best good buddies, though. I got hang out with some of mine, too! How can you lose on a day like that!

This is me figuring out that you cannot photograph children in the dark without a flash.

Still learning...

I finally asked them to be really really still.

All in all, it was a great day. I have practically recovered fully from all of the backwards headbutts I received from little Blu sitting in my lap for most of the performance.
I have even forgotten most of the painfullness of  trying to keep him quiet for an hour and a half, that I might even try it again someday!