Saturday, June 30, 2012

Busy Busy Busy...but nothing is getting done around here??

What a CRAZY month!
Shepherd came 3 weeks early. I got put on bed rest on a Monday and Tuesday morning at about 3 am, my water broke! Man, what does it take to get a day off around here???

The little guy was here just before 10pm on Tuesday night. It was pretty easy going as far as giving birth goes. My water broke, but I was not having very strong contractions, so they gave me pitocin. My contractions started heating up really fast, but then I got an epidural and it made my blood pressure drop and the baby's heart rate go down, so we had to stop the pitocin and the whole thing got slowed down my about 4 hours while they gave me stuff to get my blood pumping again!
Then, just started happening so fast after that.
Don't be alarmed by the picture above. I know it looks like he is not breathing or something because his little face is so blue, but it is just that he had a hard time squeezing through, so he was bruised terribly. Broke my heart, but he healed up pretty quickly. His color started looking normal by the next day.

Blu is so proud. When he wakes up in the morning he asks, "how is my baby"? He likes to put his cheek up to Shep's cheek. Heis teacher told him that boys don't give kisses, so he will hardly kiss him, but I can tell he wants to. I mean, is it not just human instinct to kiss a baby's cheek? I know that I cannot keep my lips off of him!

He looks like a little doll baby.


Thanks Aunt Jarah for the jon jon. It was one of the only nice outfits that he could wear at first.

LOVE this little gown. It will be a Pickle Tree staple once I get back to work!

And now, a month has passed ALREADY! I cannot believe it! Caring for a newborn and entertaining a 3 year old is proving to be QUITE a chore!
I am loving EVERY minute of it, though. I would not trade these precious moments for the WORLD!