Wednesday, March 9, 2011


( my precious niece in her new pickle tree gear)
So, the sleep chart is working it's working, it is REALLY working!

( an adorable way to get a "st patty's day shirt" that will last all year!)
He is sleeping in his bed...ALL NIGHT!
I am almost afraid to publish the words for fear I will jinx myself, but I think we have actually gotten through the "nightmare" phase! AND a handy side effect is that we have successfully gone from crib to bed.

(perfect for summer personalized crab T shirt)
Now, on to the passy and then to the potty training.
AHHHHHH...a mother's work is never done!

Love that little man!
Speaking of little man- Dan dressed him yesterday morning and he looked so adorable, I took a picture. I hope to post it soon!

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