Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby Steps

Whoah am I ever behind!!! I have so many little things that I want to say, post pictures of, etc...but this is really just a little stolen moment that I should not be spending, baby steps. I will give you one thought today.
My oldest son is SOOOO materialistic this Christmas. All he does is ask for everything that he sees. Of course as parents we want to give them the world, but there is a huge gap between what I would like to do for my boys and what I am realistically capable of doing for my boys! Plus, there is this whole thing of how my husband and I worry that we are going to spoil him. I mean, it could even be too late. He has EVERYTHING! I know that some things just come with the age, but he just does not accept the fact that he cannot have everything that he sees.
I took him with me to choose a toy to give to a little boy his age who was less fortunate. He did a great job choosing. Once we got home with it, he whined for weeks about how he wanted it. I figured, it is his age, stick with it, keep explaining the lesson. It is a hard one, I know, but something that I feel he should at least be exposed to. Christmas is Jesus' birthday. It is a season of giving.
Still, he was bitter. He wanted the toy for himself. He continues to insist that Santa bring him everything that he sees. OK, I am getting worn down and starting to think, whoah, I have created a MONSTER!
We took the boys to the church for cocoa and cookies with Santa a few weeks ago. There was a "secret shop" that volunteers would take the children in with an allowance and a list of who to buy for. Jack got to shop for mommy, daddy, and little brother. They even helped him wrap it!
He has been soooo excited to give his little gifts. He wants to tell us what it is but we keep reminding him it is a secret. The only presents under the tree so far are the ones that Blu bought for us. He doesn't seem to mind at all that there is nothing there for him. He takes the gifts that he bought and shakes them and taunts us with how great they are! One night, we were laying and watching TV and he said, "mommy, you are going to really love your gift. It is going to be so great. I just want you to be happy on Christmas Eve. I love you".
* insert tear here *
So, I guess he IS getting exposed to the spirit of giving this year.
I think he is seeing that giving CAN be better than receiving.
So proud!
Of course, I am sure he will still expect, a radio remote control monster truck that can drive over rocks and grass, a race around track, fixers ( luigi and guido), a train track, turn pieces....oh the list goes on, but like I said,
baby steps!