Monday, January 25, 2010

What I've Been Up To!

My intention was to do a post on the "Marsh Family Christmas"
but my computer is in the hospital AGAIN!

I have been working on a mural in the new dental office. Dr. Erin Redwine and Ida Rose-Mize have opened a new location in Tyrone, GA. I did the murals at their old office, and I was delighted when they asked me to join them in their new endeavor!

The theme this time around is "TDG Funland"...carnivals, carousels, ferris wheels...
you get the idea

The TV's you see above are actually attached to playstations...the playstation is behind the TV on the wall. I decided to make it look like a booth at the fair. You Like?

This picture is an example of how I plan it out and color block.
See how the kids in the picture have not been filled in, yet? It is because if I tried to paint them over the green color of the grass, you could see some color and texture bleeding through- boo- no good!

Wa- lah- the children appear!

Coming together!

A little more....

There is a man with a cotton candy cart on the backside of the roller coaster wall...somehow I managed to leave him out- I will show him later!
In the meantime, Jack said Nanny this morning for the first time. I was pointing to her in a picture that he plays with that I keep beside my bed. He said "Nan-NY"...again with the italian accent, still, it was nanny! He also says "go go go" when we get dressed in the morning. He knows once we hit the den and start putting our shoes on, that we are going bye- bye.
He went for his 18 month check up on Friday. He is 34 inches tall! That is 92 percentile. He is 28 pounds which is 80 percentile. Better than OFF THE CHARTS which is what he was at 4 months!
He is such a little bundle of joy. He is starting to sit on the couch and in his recliner and watch TV. Not for very long amounts of time, but it is so adorable. Sometimes he will even come and lay his little head on my knee...he says "me". He means knee, but I understand!
Hopefully our computer will be out of the Randy General Hospital soon! It has all my treausred pictures. I really need to do a Marsh Family Christmas post before Valentines Day!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

For Papa Mark

He has figured out how to read the blog!

This video is for especially for him:)

Enjoy Papa!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas at KK's

Yes...I will be disowned as soon as my sister sees this post!

I just could not resist! She is so darn cute!

I am just trying to keep it real by showing that we started Christmas Eve Day off by snuggling and toe biting ( not really) on the couch while Jack took his morning nap!

Then the family came over for lunch and gifts.
It was fun giving gifts to the expectant mother and father.
Little did we know at the time we needed to be giving for two!

Santa found us in Alabama this year. WHEW!

It was not a pretty day, but we bundled up to try out our new wheels!


Pancakes on Christmas Eve morning. is so cute.

Late night on Christmas Eve

Jack and Grace sharing a pony ride! It is so sings I'm a lit-tle Pon-y
Clippity-clop, clippity clop..such a pretty Pon-y....

Jack visiting with his Papa Mark

Grace is ready to GO!

Family shot on a timer...OK, it looks like a family shot on a timer, but it is still cool to have!

The really cool part, was having Christmas at Kelly's House. Not at her her HOUSE!

She has worked so hard for so long for was great to finally enjoy it with her as a family!
We look forward to the next family event at KK's! Grace's Tea Party for her 5th birthday at the end of this month! It is going to be ADORABLE!

Daddy's Little Helper

daddy's littl helper from Melanie Marsh on Vimeo.

Half the fun of the Cozy Coupe was just putting it together...Love my boys!

Untitled from Melanie Marsh on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

This picture is not great, but it is the PERFECT way to show how I feel about 2009...
It feels like a blur! A big wonderful, happy, fortunate, fun, exciting blur!
I try not to let it get away from me. I try to soak up every moment and savor each second that I have with Dan and Jack, but it never fails to feel like a blur!

We welcomed the New Year by breaking out the China for dinner...
I know, I know...we are party animals! The table was pretty, but of course I did not get a picture. I think the stack of dirty dishes is a fine way to measure the success of the meal!

Randy and Rayna were our very special guests. They brought their Wii and that was an instant hit with Grace!

The girls.....we spent the entire week together(with Jack, too, of course)
I enjoyed them so much. We rarely get to spend so many consecutive days together!

The boys...They were partying hardy! All that talk of health reform and the state of the nation over dinner wore them out! Plus, I think Randy was trying to escape the call of Grace...she took to calling him Uncle Brie. I have no idea where this girl gets these things! She was cracking us all up ( except maybe Randy).

The REAL party always goes on in the kitchen!

Me and my sweetie! Happy New Year!

We spent New Years kidding a big portion of it... putting together the Cozy Coupe Jack got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa. It is adorable and he LOVES it!

Which brings me to the reason that I have not posted on Christmas yet....
I am waiting until I have a big block of time because it is A LOT! I mean, come on, if we were still putting things together on New Years Day, you KNOW there was a LOT!