Friday, February 10, 2012

Working Moms

I am linking up today to SUYL at Kelly's Korner today for "working moms" day.
I want to start by saying exactly what Kelly said...we are ALL working! I have taken days off before just to play "stay at home mom", and let me say, they were NOT vacation days! I admit, they do feel more fullfilling to me than my day job, but still work NO DOUBT! My stay at home mom friends always say they do not see how I do it all. But I know that the quiet moments that I have to myself in my car on the way to work, at my desk, lunch outings, etc...are things that they would consider luxuries! The grass is always greener, right?

I am a designer for a New Homes Construction Company and I love my job. The only downside to it is it is not exactly is a Monday through Friday gig 8-5 and in metro Atlanta, you have to tack an hour to the beginning and end of that day for commuting. That is the part that is hard. By the time I get home, it is dinner time, then bath time, then bedtime. Really. That is it. That is all we do on weeknights. Blu goes to bed at 8pm, so there is no time for error! I also run an ETSY shop called the Pickle Tree that I LOVE! It is a real creative outlet for me, but attached to that are the rigors of deadlines and shopping for supplies and keeping the books...this usually takes place on Saturday mornings guessed it...after 8pm!

In case you have not guessed, I don't exactly have a lot of free time. But I am not writing this post to complain or look for sympathy. I love my life and I am blessed with an amazing husband, and beautiful 3 1/2 year old son, and now another little boy on the way!

I am just writing to connect with other working moms who I know will understand the unique set of trials, guilts, and stresses that go along with trying to be in too many places all at the same time!
So who are you? Wanna be friends? Let's rap!

Oh.....and TGIF!!!!!


Emily said...

Found you at Kelly's Korner. I'm a working mom too! Your job sounds super creative. I love this link up today!

Mendy said...

What a great post. I clicked over from Kelly's Korner. I am a little north of you in Dalton (almost to Chattanooga). I am a working parent to 3 precious kids. I relate SO much to the nightime routine. Even though I don't have the hour commute it still seems like there is hardly time for anything other than dinner, homework and bedtime. Whew!! Keep running the race, sister!

Amanda said...

Clicked over from Kelly's Korner today. Thankfully I do not have your commute but it does seem like we (kids, husband and I) see so little of each other at the end of the work days but I'd rather my kids get the rest the need and this time will pass by.

Emery Wilkerson said...

Okay, SO WEIRD that you are the FIRST blog I click on from Kelly's link up.... I started reading your post & bam- Pickle Tree. I bought some aprons from you before Christmas. And I follow your facebook page. :-) Any I'm a working Mom, too! :-) I work an 8-5desk job with not much flexibility. My son is 2 1/2 & I am expecting a little girl in 6 weeks. Things are about to get crazier I fear!! lol. And I totally feel like my evenings are just like yours. Dinner, bath, bed. Makes weekends so much more important!!

Katie Olthoff said...

Hey - I saw your comment on a Lil Story and wanted to tell you that I'm a mom of two boys, too!!! And they are BEST FRIENDS! You will love having two!

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

From KK- SUYL. Saying hi!

Kim said...

Pick me, pick me! I want to connect. :) I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. My "free time" also starts after 8pm. And by free time that means dishes, working out, spending time with the husband,and if I'm lucky, tv shows on my DVR but I usually fall asleep. Whew.