Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding Planning

It has been a LOOOOONG time ( 8 years) since I was in the throws of planning my wedding, but even back in the dark ages, I knew to use the These days, I am more into the, but I can still certainly remember the excitement, anxiety and uncertainty that go along with wedding planning!
It is a topic that is near and dear to my heart...I have the scars from the repetitive nightmares to prove it. HA!

I have a friend who does burlap runners and she is a great source for receptions. She caters to brides all of the time! Burlap is so versatile and makes a beautiful table for an indoor or outdoor reception!
You can find her and her beautiful things over at

Looking for a unique wedding gift? Check out her personalized burlap pillow. I LOVE THIS!

Custom Burlap Wedding Date pillow - Remember the Special Day

Speaking of wedding gifts and memorable personalized items, check out my talented sisters shop at

What a sweet gift!

Great heirloom piece.

LOVE this for a bridesmaids gift!

Speaking of bridesmaids gifts....
My shop, is currently on vacation, but I work with brides all of the time for gifts and bachelorette party favors!

The favorite: BEACH TOWELS!

For all of you brides to wishes to you and happy planning!

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing a Show Us Your Life about Wedding Planning. I remember those days like it was yesterday( though it was actually far from it) and I had some cute ideas, so I thought I would link up!

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