Thursday, December 15, 2011

anyone still out there??? The Grinch

I have been on a bit of an unintentional "break".
Busy at work, busy at home, and yes...even though I have been closed since November 30th, still super busy at the Pickle Tree.
I usually have no time to figure out and execute all the wonderful ways to take advantage of living near a large city like Atlanta. Lucklily for me, I have a few girlfriends with kids Blu's age who are experts at it! Last weekend, we took the kids to see the Grinch at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta.
I discovered that plays, to my dismay, are not really Jack's bag. We had a great time, but sitting still in the dark watching a not so up close and personal live production proved to be a bit too much for his attention span! He was pretty much over it as soon as the "sparkly" man playing the organ was through and the lights went down.

He sure loved getting to hang out with one of his best good buddies, though. I got hang out with some of mine, too! How can you lose on a day like that!

This is me figuring out that you cannot photograph children in the dark without a flash.

Still learning...

I finally asked them to be really really still.

All in all, it was a great day. I have practically recovered fully from all of the backwards headbutts I received from little Blu sitting in my lap for most of the performance.
I have even forgotten most of the painfullness of  trying to keep him quiet for an hour and a half, that I might even try it again someday!

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