Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Traditions

This is the second year that we have done a gingerbread house and it a new tradition that I ABSOLUTELY love!

Blu just loves doing it and the undivided attention and concentration that we share on a common goal is just priceless to me!

We have decided that even though all of our loved ones are in Alabama, Christmas Eve will be spent at our own home in Georgia every year.

I would love to have the extra time in Alabama...but they are only little once and somehow the magic of Santa is diminished if he can't come to your own, we will soldier own at our own place in the name of magical traditions.

Even though we were a small group on Christmas Eve, I decided to make it a special dinner by setting the dining room table. Maybe when the kids get older we can actually start pulling out the china!!!

We allowed Jack to open the presents that were from mommy and daddy on Christmas Eve. I think that is a great way to make room for Santa on Christmas morning!

My little plan almost backfired, though. When we started putting the presents under the tree; to Blu, from us, he said, "that is so nice of you. Now Santa does not need to come". 
It all worked out in the end. We straightened it out!

Jack received one very special present that he just adores. It was a hot wheels race track that was his daddy's when he was little! must be SUPER OLD!

This little guy was SOOOO tired! He did not nap like he usually does. At this point of the evening, he was running on pure adrenaline!

He was such a big boy this year. Not only could he open all of his presents by himself, he could even get the hotwheels and monster trucks out of the packages.
Ahhhhhh...little boys all grow up.

I think we did good! 

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Mom of One and Another on the Way said...

Love the Hot Wheel City. My brother had one and it was one of our favorite toys! How great that he kept it.