Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catching Up! Thanksgiving week was wonderful and now it is over and that is wonderful too!

This is how we all felt after a long week of doctors appointments, physical therapy, pharmacy runs, grocery shopping, tree decorating, Thanksgiving Day cooking, cleaning, appliances installations, trips to see grandmas, great grandmas and aunts and uncles...It was all so wonderful, but really wore us out!

Now that we are getting back into the routine, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! At least all the bags are unpacked! I am starting to get back to it and am a busy little bee, so this will be a dump of a week's worth of life so that I can keep moving onward and upward and hopefully share some exciting news soon!

Jack and I had a great time spending the week together. It was nice to slow down a bit and play together.

There is the most amazing park in Decatur called Adventure Park that was built collectively by resident volunteers. Jack loves it and so do I, so we decided to go hang out one afternoon.

That boy is not afraid of anything. Well, unless you count the vacuum cleaner which he will randomly tell you that the vacuum cleaner won't "hurt choo" it is for "cleaning carpet". Poor guy is scared, but at least he is trying to talk him self out of it!

He always goes the the highest slide in the park first!
Not just here, but at any park.

He was kind enough to oblige his older but not much bigger cousin Grace when she wanted him to go down the slide in her lap.

He looks bored:) He would much rather be going head first and upside down and backwards!
Grace on the other hand seems to be LOVING it!

Jack kept telling my "higher"
Grace kept telling me "that's enough"
as I was push them- so cute!

Grace was a brave girl in the 2nd annual tree climbing picture extravaganza!

On Thanksgiving, me and KK and Grace played the FUNNIEST game of UNO ever.

While Miss Grace might be a little on the safe side at the playground, she is a wild woman when it comes to card games. She boldly declared whatever color she wanted each time it was her turn to lay down a card.
We explained to her each time that was not the way that the game was played, but she persisted.

Yes, those are fake fingernails and real makeup.
Another thing she can be a persistent little booger about.

How can two sisters have such different complexions?
Why do I look as though I am glowing while Kelly looks like she just came in from the beach?

Oh yeah, I get my complexion from my mom and she gets her from dad.

I did not get any good shots of the turkey, or any of the yummy food that I made, but I can assure you, it was delicious. The gentleman who gave us a turkey did a FANTASTIC job! It was so good. He also cruelly introduced be to peanut butter pie which I had never had the pleasure of sampling before and now I can't stop thinking about it.....
I did get a good shot of my injured hand. Dan impaled me with a butcher knife right before the meal.
I was kind of proud of my battle scar!

So Friday we went to our friends the Gates' house for the iron bowl. It was a nail biter! Our tigers really let the tide roll over us in the first half. Thank goodness we came back in the second and scored! Jack and their second son Aiden are about 3 weeks apart. They are quite the little playmates. As you can see, they had the Kirk's as playmates as well.

There was a squishy ball with a net around it and when you squeezed it, it would "squish" out of the net holes and change colors.
Jack and Aiden LOVED it! They were making all sorts of funny faces while they squeezed!
(*yes that is a tide fan you see there- we usually don't like mixed company for the iron bowl, but Brian is an exception)

If you are still with me, it is a miracle...
But I would be crazy not to mention the awesome Thanksgiving meal that we had at the Marsh's on Thursday night. I have no pictures to accompany it, but it was gooooo-oooood! Jack ate like it was his first meal ever! He really enjoyed it. Especially the sweet potatoes. I think he and his cousin Emily might be duking it out in the near future on who can eat the most of the sweet potato casserole.
I DO have some adorable pictures of Jack in his Grampa's corvette which I MUST share, but alas, I think I am probably the only one still participating in this I will spare you until the next time:)

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Anonymous said...

I have pics of the bird if you want em :) And ive been dreaming of Wayne's PB Pie too! Great pics of the kids at the playground . . . hate a sista had to work. <3 KK