Friday, December 17, 2010

A List

Jack says the craziest things lately. Who knows where he gets them...Me, Dan, Mrs. Kim, the TV?

Where ever it is, I want to put down for the record that at 2 1/2 these were some of the things he said- without my prompting!

1) I said Okie Dokie...he said Artichok-ie

2) We were in CVS and he saw the toys and said "mommy- this is the BEST TRACTOR EVER!

(yes, I bought the darn tractor)

3) I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said "get out of my face"

( hey- I said this was a list- not a list of only the nice things...he was punished for that one!)

4) We were driving down the street and he said..."slow down mommy, take your time".

( for the record, I was not going fast)

5) He sees all of the Christmas lights and says..."Ahhh, how cute, how pretty"

6) We got in the car this morning and he said "mommy, I want to go to Lowe's"

(I guess Dan has taken him on one too many work supply runs!)

I am sure there will be so many more...he has been keeping me in stitches lately. I cannot believe how that little mind of his comes up with this stuff!

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