Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We Love School!!!

Before I was ever even pregnant, I knew that if I had to work, I would keep Blu in an initimate "at home" environment until he was about 3 years old, but at 3, I would want him to start experiencing school. In my dreams, that intimate "at home" environment would have been my very own home. The reality is, he has been with Mrs. Kim since he was 8 weeks old. I am sure that in this economy, I am not the only one who has had to reconcile dreams with harsh reality!  Kim has a licensed in home day care and she is the absolute BEST! We are so lucky that we found her. Blu just adores her and still talks about her and I am sure will always love her! This past summer, Blu turned 3, and I knew the time had come to expose him to a more school like environment with more children his age. That is when I found Primrose.

Blu has always been very outgoing. I knew that he would love hope was that school would love his wild ways too!

There has been some ups and downs adjusting, but it has been mostly ups. He LOVES school. He learns so much it BLOWS my mind. I am so impressed with all that thay do there. Let's face it, I took him there in diapers, and two days later he was potty trained. Jealous?
That was just the beginning...he is speaking and counting in spanish, he can spell his name, he is singing songs, learning all of those valuable life lessons such as sharing, being kind, making friends...

...and he has made a couple of very special friends....

I am often sad that he has to spend such long days away from us. We drop him off at about 7:30 and pick him up at about 5:30. Ten hours is a very long day for a 3 year old. In my opinion anyway...
BUT, if I HAVE to leave him for that long, I am glad to have Primrose.
He is so happy!

My Primrose, Kennesaw North, has an awesome website that I can go to view pictures of him that are taken at school. That is where all of these pictures came from...isn't is awesome?

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Michele Stumpf said...

He is an amazing young man and you are one terrific mom! Be proud!