Friday, January 20, 2012

Music and a boy genius! maybe not exactly a genius, but this morning Blu did something that BLEW my mind!!!
We get these CD's from his School. They are a part of his music class program that is taught to all of the children at the school ( even the infants...isn't it great???) . We have a new one and we heard a new song today. It was a familiar piece that they had sort of doctored up to be more child like. It was actually a cat mewing the tune. Anyway. About 3 seconds in...Jack says, "this is like the music in up". HOLY COW! It is the music in UP. You know, the movie. It is the scene from when Carl is getting out of bed and doing his little solo bachelor morning routine...I could NOT BELIEVE that Blu picked up on that. I am so impressed with that young man. He blows my mind everyday, but this was a little bit different. It seemed a little more advanced, you know?
In other news, he has also decided that he CAN in fact be my friend at the same time he is daddy's friend. As of yesterday, it was pretty black and white. He either liked me...or daddy. This morning, I think he turned the corner. He said, "mommy, I am your friend AND daddy's friend". Whew....glad we got that out of the way.

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