Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Blu was so good on Halloween!

He really enjoyed dressing up as his favorite monster truck GRAVEDIGGER!!!

I decided at the last minute to paint his face. I did not exactly realize my vision of green and black flames, but Blu LOVED it!

Big D loves his pumpkins and did a stellar job again this year on the collection that we got from Burt's pumpkin farm.

Our neighborhood is always a bustle of activity on Halloween...people load up in trailers to haul the kids around. We have a huge neighborhood and it is very spread out and "hilly".

Big D and Blu walked all the way to the back cul-de-sac ( that is FAR) and then I took Jack down the street the other way. He kept on until he was walking sideways. Poor little guy. He did not want to give up!

I had to carry him home. No small feat for such a big boy in a truck costume.
I attached the iPod to his costume with a portable speaker and we played Gravediggers theme song, "bad to the bone"...he had he head laying on my shoulder still singing.....

He is ALLLL boy!
And such a good one!

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