Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jaunty and Dunnants

This is a picture of Jack at this time last year. WOW! He has grown so much. People still comment on his chubby cheeks, but they have really slimmed down so much in comparison.

Anyway, this is just a quick post, really more for records sake for me and Big D.
So Jack is really getting into imaginary play lately. I hear him talking to his toys ALL of the time now. He and Big D have been palying tractors before bed almost every night lately. They each have a tractor and Jack has named the "farmers" that drive them. It is sooooo funny. They are called "Jaunty" ( that is always his), and "Mr. Dunnants". That is usually played my me or daddy. It just cracks us up. I mean...I get coming up with nonsense names and words and such, but the funniest part to me, is how NO NONSENSE they are to him. He is totally straight faced and serious and calls the same names each time.

Jaunty and Dunnants.

Man, I hope I am spelling them right?? Maybe I should ask Jack how he spells those names?

Other things he is doing now:

counting to 10 in spanish
calling his colors the spanish names for them
( and to think, I was afraid he was color blind because he was slow to learn his colors in English...he has blown right past that now!!!!)
counting to 20 in english
He can look at his name and point and call out each letter
He is starting to enjoy washing his hands
He likes to straighten up his "crazy" hair in the mornings with a wet brush
He loves to snuggle with me
thank goodness
What will I do when if he ever stops wanting to snuggle with me????
Will there be a day when he ceases saying, "OK mommy, let's snuggle"?

That's all!!!
So proud of my big growing boy

Next stop- Halloween pictures and maybe even a video.
They are "bad to the bone"

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*Jarah*Leah* said...

He has grown a lot. It's crazy how fast they grow. Can't wait to see Halloween pics!