Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll

I love the Lettered Cottage, and today, they are doing their famous linky party for mantle ideas.
Well, I MUST admit that I really did not put a TON of effort into my mantle. It looks pretty much the same as it always does except for one PERFECT little fall touch!

NOTHING says fall like a little Auburn football around our house!

If you LOVE it, or need one for a, ahem, different team, check out my dear friend's etsy shop.

The Lettered Cottage


Brittney said...

would look even better if it said roll tide :) haha j/k Happy fall!

Leasa said...

It would look better in red and black and if it said GO Dawgs. Seriously, I think it looks cute and you're right nothing says fall like football!

Alice said...