Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September is National Sewing Month

Huh...who knew that I have been celebrating this month?

Here all these 20 days, I thought I was just slaving away at the sewing machine....

When really, I have been behaving more like a party animal.

I have been celebrating National Sewing Month!

With so much to do...football season, Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes people....yes it has already started.
Christmas too....

The only time I am not at my sewing machine lately, I am at work.
(full time day job)

Jack asks me constantly...mommy is that for me? Is THAT one for me?

I am trying to teach him the concept of doing things for money. You know a JOB.

He seems to be catching on. He is very understanding.

I love the opportunity to sew all these adorable things for others.
It is SOO much fun to me.

Still, as a momma, what I really want to do is make things for my baby.

So when I found this precious pattern for a reversible hero cape/ vest....I could not resist!

Of course I could not get a good picture of Blu wearing it...

He was WAY too busy flying around!

I DID try!

The other side is super man and I just LOVE it.

This little guy ONLY wants to be BAT MAYAAAAN...as he says it.

Works for me!
Oh...and Happy National Sewing Month to you!

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*Jarah*Leah* said...

Oh lord! i need to start celebrating sewing month more. Haha! I love Jack's awesome cape. Tell him we love him!