Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4th of July/ Camping Adventure/ Birthday Party EXTRAVAGANZA! -3 part series continued

3rd Birthday Party! SO proud of my BIG BOY!

Finally- the last part of "the series". It only took me a month and 1/2 to get it all in! WHEW!
In case you missed part 1 or part 2, you can see them here or here.

A quick background...we joined a park at Lake Allatoona called Cushing Park. It was founded back in the 50's as a retreat exclusive to Delta employees and their families. A few years ago they opened it up to the public. We were looking for a place to store our boat, so we joined. They have a pool, campgrounds, cabins, boat slips, boat houses, bath houses..all kinds of cool stuff. STRAIGHT OUT OF THE 50's. Well, except for the boat slips and docks. Those are updated and actually super nice!
Anyway- July is HOT for a kids birthday party, so as soon as we joined, I knew that I would just do Jack's party there at the pool and rent a pavillion. Worked out PERFECTLY! I rented a couple of cabins starting the weekend of the 4th and we stayed the entire week right on through to Jack's party the next Saturday.

It was a camping themed party- so this banner welcomed everyone!
It says happy campers and I tell a little about how I made it here.
 You can see little hints of Delta and airplanes and such all around the Park, like this cute little airplane on the playground! Always a hit on the small fry circuit.
 Rayna and Gavin
 Aunt Jarah and Aleah
 You can see Tiffany here in the background. It is a gated park which is nice, but can get kind of complicated for a party. She and Brad, her husband manned the gate and let the guests in. Thanks to Brad and Tiff...wouldn't have been much of a party without the guests!
Big D had downed a tree in our back yard a few weeks before the party, so I had him make us some "stumps" for the party table!
 Nick and Caroline, our awesome neighbors!
 We had a jeep pinata. Jack LOVES pinatas. Whenver we go to a birthday party, he asks ahead of time if he will get a turn to swing at the pinata!
 Grace posing with the pinata
 Our neighbor, Christopher, really did a number on it!

Jack had already opened one of his gifts. A monster truck, his new obsession!
 The goodies! Everyone's favorite part of a pinata!

 Our friends Jim and Julie were there with their girls!
 KK taking a picture of Uncle Josh taking a picture of her

Uncle Josh taking a picture of KK taking a picture of him
 Baby Raynor
Sophie likes her sucker

 No camping party is complete without smores on a stick, right?
Peanuts were a crowd favorite.
All good campers eat hot dogs, right?
My friend Rayna got the stickers for the tops of the party favors. Animal crackers for the littles and trail mix for the bigger kids!
 The cake.....The cake could be it's own post!
 It was a tree stump to go along with the theme. "Jack is 3!!" is "carved" into the tree.
 The campground is on top complete with a jeep, tent, and campfire.
 So cool. I love the critters. This cake was made by my very talented neighbor. If you live in the Atlanta area and need a cake, you should check her out!
 The coolest part about the cake was that Jack ADORED it! Once he saw it, he pretty much stayed right beside it. He just stood and admired it and asked everyone to look at it!
 It was SUPER cool when we cut it open. I loved the camping theme, but I wanted to add some color. SO we did! It tasted great!
 Blowing out the candles! Make wish buddy!
 We had given him his birthday present the night before the party on his REAL birthday. He gets a knife each year from his daddy. This year it was an engraved swiss army knife.
 His big present was his very own, very first bike!
 I think he likes it!
 We opened the rest of the gifts once we got home from camp.
There was just way too much action at the party for unwrapping gifts! He got lots of cool monster trucks and he LOVES them all!
The whole party was a success!
Happy Birthday Jack- mommy and daddy love you very much!

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