Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Campers Banner

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There are always tons of adorable ideas. I just love to browse through it all!

You might remember that I did a camping adventure themed birthday party for Blu's third birthday.
Well....I pretty much went with the surroundings for decorations. We had it at a lakeside park that we are members of and it is already very "campy".

I do LOVE all of the adorable pennant banners floating around out there, so in addition to the fabulous cake- I did a couple of those and WAH-LAH...decorations!

The first one welcomed guest as they arrived at the pavillion. I simply cut the triangles from cardstock, went on a scavenger hunt for sticks, hot glued them into letter shapes and then hot glued the triangles to large size bias tape.

The second banner was the main party banner and it was double sided. It said adventure on one side ( because that is one of Jack's favorite words) and Run-A-Muk on the other side (because that was the name of the party, Camp Run-A-Muk).
It was made using the same theory as the first one, but instead of wood, I cut white circles and then wrote the letters in sharpie!

Last but certainly not least...I made a little bunting to go on the cake to pull it all together. That was the extent of my decorations. Two banners and a cake bunting.
Of course the cake served as decoration to.
The cake.
It was awesome....but that is a whole seperate post.

Stay tuned...there is sure to be more about the cake in part 3 of the 4th of July/ Camping Adventure/ Jack's Birthday Party EXTRAVAGANZA 3 part series!

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