Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4th of July/ Camping Adventure/ Birthday Party EXTRAVAGANZA! -3 part series continued

So, I guess it goes without saying that I have had a lot going on. It is not easy to get past the death of a parent. I don't think that "getting past it" is possible. I think that eventually, life takes over again and we just keep moving. At least that is what I am trying to "let" happen to me. I want to fight it...I want to just curl up and stop, but alas- more on that later. The fact that I have started a "3 part series" gives me an easy target to pick back up at the ole blog.


4th of July Weekend and Camping Adventure Pictures

 4th of July started off good- we ate an early dinner at camp and then set off for our hour long boat trip to watch the fireworks!
 We had one eye on the kids and one eye on the radar....we thought the storms were going around us...
 the further away from camp we got, the uglier it got....see the looming clouds in the background
 cute feet!
 We found our spot and anchored just as the bottom fell out.
 We had snacks and such, so we settled in and decided to wait it out...we had two hours until the fireworks. It was going to be worth it!
 In the end- the only fireworks we got were the natural kind~lightning.
It was a pretty rough storm. Blowing...lots of We finally had to tuck KK down below with the kids and turn on a movie- still HOPING things would go as planned. The hour long boat ride back to camp in the dark was a white knuckled one. The lighting was a blessing. It allowed us to see where we were going from time to time!
 So the fireworks display was a bust....but we had a good time the next day playing in the water!
 Jack lives on that swim platform. Jump in. Climb out. Jump in. Climb out. You get the idea...
 I never talked KK out of her cool glasses. I did my picture made in them, though!
 My niece Grace is getting so big. She is such a pretty girl! And SUCH a ham!
 She is always coloring and drawing.
She and Jack were so sweet together.
 Jarah arrived with the twins on Tuesday. Little Sophie LOVES to swing!
 Aleah just likes to ham it up! That baby NEVER stops!
 Grace was a good helper.
 At some point during the week, we finally pulled out the sparklers! They were a HIT!
 We did those a few nights right before bedtime.
 It was cool to see Jack be so fearless ( once he figured them out!)
 Have you ever tried to get two 15 month olds to look at the camera at the same time? Well I have and I am pretty good at it. My method was a bit shocking to my brutha as you can see here in the first shot! I thought everbody barked high pitch barks like a little yapper dog to get babies to look at the camera?
 I am going to have to have a talk with my brother- he has got to learn that he has to be ready when both babies are looking!
 When we were at "camp" this is where the babies stayed mostly because we were actually perched on a pretty steep hill that was kind of rocky and not the most kid friendly.
 Tech kids through and through. No TV? Just pull up Barney on the laptop...there is WiFi at the camp!
 We spent most of our time at the pool or shuffling kids around for naps. Jarah is such a trooper. This is what it takes for her to go to the pool. Girls, let the record show how hard your mommy works to show you a good time!
 A rare group photo!
 Sweet sweet girls- sharing...well sort of.
 Jack and Grace are like brother and sister when they are together. The loving, the fighting, the whole bit. Grace sits in a certain side of the Tahoe when we are together and Jack calls it "Grace's side". I love that they are so close!
 KK got a lot of time with this little one as she was Jarah's faithful helper and Sophie was literally STUCK to Jarah the entire time. I watched Sophie one evening while poor Jarah took a shower and she screamed the whole time like I was pinching her:) 
When I saw her just a couple of short weeks later, she had loosened her grip a bit. I think it was a little clingy phase. All you mom's know what I mean!

The week was SOOOO  much fun. With all the little ones it was of course also SOOOO much work. But totally worth it to get to be with my family for so many days!

More to come...I have a few more pictures from camping and of course....the birthday party!

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