Monday, April 4, 2011

preparations are under way...

My sweet, adorable, precious twin nieces are turning one this month! Their sweet momma and daddy are getting everything ready for the big party! I am always eager to help. Somehow, in talking with Jarah (the momma) I stumbled into an idea that we should do matching bib and bloomer sets for their smash cake picture session and also at the party! You know, so they don't mess up their birthday outfits... I think it is the MOST brilliant original idea that I have come up with. If you know of someone or somewhere that has already come up with this idea, please DO NOT TELL ME! I like to think I am original and I am pretty proud of this idea, so all you parade rainers, please keep it to yourself! :)
So the bloomers have giant ruffles on the bottoms and I CANNOT WAIT to see how they look on the girls!

Now, their pictures are scheduled for Wednesday.

I guess I better get going on the shipping if I want the bloomers to make it for their photography debut, huh?

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