Thursday, November 18, 2010

Funky Funky Christmas

I was reading Urban Grace's post today that asked if your family had any unusual holiday traditions. I could not really think of any.
I was thinking that we were pretty normal until I remembered- FUNKY CHRISTMAS!
My sister and I got the New Kids on the Block Christmas cassette way back in the late 80's when it first came out and fell in LOVE with the song, Funky, Funky, Christmas. We get it out every year and can still sing EVERY WORD!
Some people had comments like, "we wait until everyone is awake to go in the den on Christmas morning". I thought that was normal? Some people stated that they watch National Lampoon's Christmas vacation over and over and over on Christmas...I thought that was normal, too!
To me....Unusual has to be something like this song...pulled out and cherished and loved and sang AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS every year!

This one is for you KK!

You can thank me later for getting your holiday started off on the right foot!

PS- to enjoy the clip to it's fullest potential, you should probably scroll down and pause my playlist..just sayin'

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Anonymous said...

Slipping and sliding through the city streets
I'll be in town getting down to the Christmas beat . . . . KK