Friday, November 19, 2010

Bird Day

Over the River and Through the Woods....
To grandmother's, great grandmother's, grandfather's, Aunt KK's, and anyone else's house we can manage the time to get there we go...
The Tahoe knows the way to carry the babe through Interstates and divided highways and two lane ro-oads!
We leave in the morning. Jack is a pretty good traveler. Dan will be staying behind to work, and will catch up with us next week- boo! We will miss him.
Due to mom's health, Kelly and I will be "in charge" of our family's Thanksgiving. Can we say NERVOUS? Kelly has a friend who has generously offered to donate a turkey (smoked) since mom has been so ill. WHEW! Thank goodness for generous people (or maybe my cooking reputation preceeds me and he was just scared I might kill her if I cook the turkey???)
I am planning company mashed potatoes and poulet de normandy that can be prepared the day before and just need to be baked the day of. That will take some of the pressure off! We do Thanksgiving lunch, so all other items will need to be started as soon as I get out of the shower- no time to mess up!
The evening will be for the Marsh Family Thanksgiving with Dan's parents. They are originally from up north, so we get authentic stuffing there. I struggled with it at first because I was so used to cornbread dressing(if you are from the south, there is no need to explain). Now that I have grown accustomed to it, I CRAVE it so I cannot wait!
I am spending the whole week "back home" so that I can help mom ease back into her routine. She JUST got released yesterday and we could NOT be happier!
It will be a week full of Dr's appointments, cooking, visiting, grocery getting, sleeping, reading, and playing. It will not however be a week with an internet connection, so my posts will be spotty if not non-existent!
Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving all!

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Rayna said...

2 things..Jack's face!! You have to start limited his time with Dan!! :) I can read his mind - "Mom, if you would stop taking pictures and turn around and drive, we would be there.".
Secondly, authenntic stuffing?? Is that Stove Top?
Miss you, love you and have a great time?