Friday, October 22, 2010

Killing me with Kindness

This little stinker has been a handful lately! He is really trying to establish his boundaries and become more independent. We get a lot of "I don't want to's" and "hmmmmph's" lately. Throw in the fact that we were suddenly and unexpectedly at grandma and grandpa's for two weeks and it all gets even more complicated! No matter how hard you try, taking a toddler out of their normal surroundings, routines, and time zones, is like yanking their sense of security right out form under them! He was a little discombobulated to say the least. Grandma and Grandpa certainly did their duty of spoiling him rotten! He got so much attention, outside play time, and one on one time. He also got an unexplained fever for a few days so that got him even MORE attention. He got to sleep in bed with mommy(that NEVER ususally happens).
Well the thing that is KILLING me is that he tells me no. I cannot stand it! But it is not just no....
It is "no thank you".
Me- "jack eat your Pop Tart"...Jack- "no thank you". Me- "Jack it is time to get out of the tub"...Jack- "no thank you". Me- "Jack it is time to clean up"...Jack- "no thank you".
HMMMM. I am having the MOST difficult time because while I do not want him to tell me no, I am so proud of his manners!
Backing up to the suddenly and unexpectedly at Grandma and Granpa's house part....
Big thanks to John and Joanne for being so understanding and taking complete responsibilty for our boy for two weeks while I flitted in and out of the house to the hospital! You guys spoil us all rotten and we appreciate it so much! I am such a lucky daughter-in-law!
Have a great weekend!
I plan to see my momma and enjoy some good football!

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Anonymous said...

Kween up kween up ewerybody kween kween up! And . . .KK is so silwy!! He's killing me too :)
~ Auntie KK