Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hole in my heart

I have been walking around with a hole in my heart for two weeks now. Mom's blood clot has turned into oh so much more. On October 4th, her blood pressure dropped to 70 over 30 and all of her organs were shocked. It was a 10 day battle in ICU for her liver to recover. There was a chance that she would die. Well, she beat it, she did it and the next hurdle was getting her kidneys back in order so that she could keep the fluid out of her body and especially out of her lungs. It seemed like she was out of the woods- she was SOOO happy to be in her own room out of the ICU. Then she became non responsive. She quit talking to us. It seemed like she was ignoring us because sometimes she would respond and sometimes she would not. It got progressively worse until yesterday she could not even swallow. Last night she was moved back into ICU so that she could be better monitored. This morning, she was put on a ventilator because she was having trouble breathing. God please let her be OK. It is so painful to be trapped here 3 hours away. It is equally as painful to be trapped in the ICU waiting room in Decatur Alabama because either way, there is nothing I can do to help. The only thing I can do is give it to God. It is in his hands now.


Anonymous said...

Heart you. ~ KK

rayna said...

Thinking of you. Here for you. Love you.