Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle Auburn Mural

A simple pencil sketch- that is how they all begin. This will go at the base of the stairs in the Pollock's new basement. They are still in the process of finishing it. I am on standby to put this baby in place as soon as the drywall goes up.
It is a huge collage of everything Auburn. It is hard to tell from this sketch, but this is the left side and is the tree at Toomer's corner. It will be all decked out in toilet paper and Aubie will be added in one of signature poses stretched out on his side in front of the monument. Brad and Tiffany (the clients) spent the New Years Eve of 2000 celebrating at this very spot, so we will commemerate that by showing a "carving" of Y2K on the tree.

This is the middle section of the mural and the center of it all...Jordan-Hare Stadium. It will have a few cool things incorporated into it like the scoreboard will have the score of the Auburn vs. Georgia game from 1892, a banner in the stands that says "punt bama punt", and something honoring the 1957 National Champions.

An Auburn Mural would not be complete without the good old War Eagle! That will be on the right side of the mural alongside Toomer Drugs, one of the most recognizable Auburn icons. I am trying to figure out a way to get a car in that part of the mural that has a bumper sticker that says "honk if you sacked brodie". Samford Hall clock tower can be seen above Toomer's with the clock showing what time? 5 o'clock, of course!

I have to tweak the plans a bit, but this is the general layout. I also have to consider the actaul space which I have not been able to do because it is not complete...stay tuned- hopefully there will be some pretty cool pictures of the finished product just in time for football season!

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