Thursday, August 12, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Well, to say what we've been up to would actually probably bore you tears...
The most exciting thing besides rushing to work, rushing home, rushing to bathe, rushing to bed, doing it all over again is that we got Jack two new pairs of shoes at the buy one get one half off at Stride Rite. Daddy picked out his new tennis shoes (on line of course...what? you think we actually have the ability to get all three of us together at one time- HA! fat chance:) Jack and I went to actually BUY them and he was SUCH a good boy. We ran several other errands while at the mall and had a generally good afternoon of "shomping". He was SOO good, mommy even took him for a spin in the mall choo choo.

In other recent happenings, we got to spend some good quality time with grandma last weekend. We caught her in GREAT spirits and visted for quite a while. She pushed Jack around the home in her "cart". They actually even did some exercises together! He had a great time and I believe that Grandma did too!

I took this photo with a timer...not bad!

We also saw Nana last weekend. These pictures are from about a month earlier, I just have not posted any yet. Jack and Grace had a great time rolling around in Nana's bed!

Wish we had more time to visit. There is never enough time of course!
Next year, I get three weeks of vacation. Maybe then I can spend some time in Alabama visiting.
Until then....whew, back to the grind!

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