Monday, August 30, 2010

On the mend plus a medical MIRACLE DIAPER OINTMENT!

I never posted about our nightmare of a week last week. I needed some distance from it for some perspective!
Warning, this is not for the weak of stomach....
Jack woke up at 3am on Sunday( Monday) morning two weeks ago throwing up. POOR. GUY. It is so hard for the little ones. I missed 3 days of work before we finally called in the reinforcements. Once I finally took him to the doctor on Wednesday morning, we discovered that in addition to the vommiting and diarrhea, my little man also had an ear infection. I already knew about Tylenol and Amoxicillan, but now I was about to learn about Zofran (to help stop vommiting) and Cessinex (to help stop diarrhea).Well, needless to say, we were all a little ragged by the time Dan's mom and dad arrived into town. Then Dan's Dad got sick, then Dan, then Dan's Mom. We had a hell of a time at the Marsh house. We all fell prey to the yuck monster! Oh well, we are on the mend now, finally! The adults pretty much had it easy with a 24 hour turnaround, but the little man just COULD NOT let the diarrhea go! It held on for at least 7 days.
You know what that means for the diapers! You got it RASH! I mean, BRUTAL RASH! Little guy was not OKAAY. I was so worried and it was getting worse by the day. Mrs. Kim shared a recipe that she said came from one of her parents from the past. It is the Egelstons Children's Hospital Rash Ointment recipe and it is a miracle- one application and Jack was cured!

It is equal parts of:

Neopsorin Ointment
Mineral Oil
Cornstarch Baby Powder (which makes it smell SOOO good)

Store it in the fridge!

Please make a note of it. While I hope that you NEVER need it, if you ever do, you will thank me and Mrs. Kim!
Well, it was hard getting back into the swing of things. I think Jack liked hanging around the house in his PJ's watching Caillou!

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