Monday, June 7, 2010

So we got a new pool!

What do you think? You like? Jack sure does and that is what REALLY matters around our house! We had a great weekend. Swimming lessons on Saturday morning, then I was off to Lowe's during naptime to get some much needed landscaping material for the back yard. Saturday afternoon was spent with friends celebrating their sons high school graduation. I am afraid that if I blink, that will be us celebrating Jack's graduation! Then a family trip to Walmart for some food shopping. Dan and I polished off the day catching up on a couple of weeks of Friday Night Lights. I heart Coach Taylor!
Sunday was yard day! I planted some shrubs and perrennials, transplanted and split some hostas, and moved my hydranga. Then I got busy on a new hair bow holder for a sweet little mom to be. Our neighbor is expecting a little girl and her shower is this weekend. I also got a first coat on the War Eagle project I am working on for our sweet friend Judson's room!
Then it was PLAY TIME!

Jack had a ball on the slide. He called the sprinkler "shower", "shower". He did pretty good and never creid when he fell in head first!
We ran around and got wet all afternoon. I tried to mostly lay out in the sun, but that didn't really happen. That is OK, we all had fun!

Jack is so funny about cleaning up. He pulls EVERY SINGLE toy out of the screen porch whenever we play outside. I never worry though. He is going through this phase where he LOVES to clean up. For no reason, he just suddenly started putting the toys back in the screen porch at some point in the afternoon. He is so good! I hope this phase sticks!

I think he looks like his dad in this picture. This is such a Dan face!

This is the happy version of a Dan face! So cute and such fun!

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