Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birth Day

Meet Sophie Kay Bartlett
Born April 25th 8:41 am
4lbs 15oz, 18 inches long

Meet Aleah Lucille Bartlett
Born April 25th 8:38 am
5lbs 1oz 18 inches long

Welcome to the world my precious little nieces

We have been patiently waiting to get our arms around you!

Your Papa is so proud

Nanny and KK love you ( almost as much as MeMe)
Hey..this is my blog, I can say it if I want to!

I would say it was love at first sight....

We certainly did not get to stay and love on you enough

Two precious little faces
Sophie on the left and Aleah on the right.
It was so surreal being there with two new little babies. I never thought I would even be able to tell you two apart, but you have already stolen my heart and I know each one of your sweet little faces.

Mommy did such a great job getting you ready. She held on until you were juuuust right, and then, just like that you were here! (I am pretty sure Jarah would describe it a bit differently than "just like that", but in the interest of keeping a long story short....)
I do not have a ton of pictures of mom from birth day, because by the time we FINALLY got to the hospital... she was in desperate need of some serious ZZZZZZZZ's.

The Champ!

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