Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Little Baby

Is not a baby anymore!

He is so grown up!
Every day there are so many things he does that absolutely blows me away..I thought I better record it for future reference. Excuse the list. I am not feeling super creative today.
He says his ABC's...I mean, he gets a little blurry after D, but the rhythm of the song is there. It's just a matter of time!
He yells through the house "daddy, 'ere (where) are you"? In the mornings, we hear him on his monitor say "George, ere (where)are you"?
He sleeps with Curious George every night and he calls him George. I have caught him a few times when I go in to get him in the morning trying to put a passy in George's mouth!
He loves to hear the story 5 little monkeys. I read it to him sometimes at night before bed. Every time you say "one fell off and bumped his head", he hits his little head with his hand.
Today, I handed him a banana and said, "here you go my little monkey" and he hit his head with his hand. He really knows how to put things together. It amazes me!
He is swimming under water at swim class. Not really unassisted for more than a second as he is being passed from instructor to Dan, but still...a second!
He calls out all vehicle names when riding in the car. "BUS". "CAR". "TRUCK". "JEEP". ( little guy already knows a jeep when he sees it- boy am I in trouble)
He says "WHOOOOAH" when we turn or go over a hill or bump in the car.
He stomps his feet when he gets mad.
He says OUCH just about anytime you touch him lately?? I think he is going for the pity points.
He wants to go down the stairs front way holding the rail. It scares me, but I know I have to let him learn.
I am sure that I have left out so much, because there are so many little details, but the main part is all that really matters. Dan and I love that little guy more than we can say. We tell each other every day that we are so amazed and what a great kid he is and how lucky we are. I can hardly stand it when I go cover him up before I go to bed...I just want to crawl in the crib with him he is such a little sweetie! I wonder if the awe will ever wear off?
I have been told that it usually only lasts through about the first 13 years and then returns again shortly after 18:)

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