Thursday, April 29, 2010

A love story...from a different point of view

Hi Marsh Peepers! Rayna Here. Melanie asked me if I would like to do our Buffett blog and I of course said yes!

As most of you know, we love Jimmy Buffett and every year break out the lawn chairs, tents, grills, coolers and all the accouterments and head to Lakewood! Although we were a little miffed at Jimmy for coming to town on a Tuesday - yes, a TUESDAY - we were still there, braving the treat of rain, gail force winds and cooolllddd temperatures!
Thanks for holding the tent down Dave!
Jimmy ~ if you are reading this and I am SURE that you are, you have got to work on your timing buddy!! Last week, warm. Next week, warm. This week, not so much!
Michele & Brian Barry & Dave Rayna & Randy

The Buffett Gang! We had some newcomers this year and it was a blast!

Randy (aka Uncle Bre) and the delicious kabobs

And of course, the Famous Marsh's

Jimmy is our kick-start to summer...sunshine, weekends with family and friends, boat drinks, flip-flops and pop-tops. This year, the flip-flops were worn from a different point of view!

Happy Summer Y'all!!!

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The Marsh's said...

Rayna! I love your point of view...what a fun night!