Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas at KK's

Yes...I will be disowned as soon as my sister sees this post!

I just could not resist! She is so darn cute!

I am just trying to keep it real by showing that we started Christmas Eve Day off by snuggling and toe biting ( not really) on the couch while Jack took his morning nap!

Then the family came over for lunch and gifts.
It was fun giving gifts to the expectant mother and father.
Little did we know at the time we needed to be giving for two!

Santa found us in Alabama this year. WHEW!

It was not a pretty day, but we bundled up to try out our new wheels!


Pancakes on Christmas Eve morning. is so cute.

Late night on Christmas Eve

Jack and Grace sharing a pony ride! It is so sings I'm a lit-tle Pon-y
Clippity-clop, clippity clop..such a pretty Pon-y....

Jack visiting with his Papa Mark

Grace is ready to GO!

Family shot on a timer...OK, it looks like a family shot on a timer, but it is still cool to have!

The really cool part, was having Christmas at Kelly's House. Not at her her HOUSE!

She has worked so hard for so long for was great to finally enjoy it with her as a family!
We look forward to the next family event at KK's! Grace's Tea Party for her 5th birthday at the end of this month! It is going to be ADORABLE!

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