Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

This picture is not great, but it is the PERFECT way to show how I feel about 2009...
It feels like a blur! A big wonderful, happy, fortunate, fun, exciting blur!
I try not to let it get away from me. I try to soak up every moment and savor each second that I have with Dan and Jack, but it never fails to feel like a blur!

We welcomed the New Year by breaking out the China for dinner...
I know, I know...we are party animals! The table was pretty, but of course I did not get a picture. I think the stack of dirty dishes is a fine way to measure the success of the meal!

Randy and Rayna were our very special guests. They brought their Wii and that was an instant hit with Grace!

The girls.....we spent the entire week together(with Jack, too, of course)
I enjoyed them so much. We rarely get to spend so many consecutive days together!

The boys...They were partying hardy! All that talk of health reform and the state of the nation over dinner wore them out! Plus, I think Randy was trying to escape the call of Grace...she took to calling him Uncle Brie. I have no idea where this girl gets these things! She was cracking us all up ( except maybe Randy).

The REAL party always goes on in the kitchen!

Me and my sweetie! Happy New Year!

We spent New Years kidding a big portion of it... putting together the Cozy Coupe Jack got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa. It is adorable and he LOVES it!

Which brings me to the reason that I have not posted on Christmas yet....
I am waiting until I have a big block of time because it is A LOT! I mean, come on, if we were still putting things together on New Years Day, you KNOW there was a LOT!


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