Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Dan did a great job on the pumpkins

Here is a day time view

Jack is getting so big! He is walking so good- it was time to go to Stride Rite to get fitted for some big boys shoes- HOW CUTE!

He was an adorable puppy on Halloween. It was a rainy dreary cold and humid night.

We had a good time with good friends!
Tonight I was late picking Jack up from Kim's...MY WORST NIGHTMARE!
I feel guilty enough leaving him all day, but I hate that he is usually the first in and the last to leave. Most of the other kids have moms who are teachers. Daddy drops them off as late as possible and mommy picks then up as early as possible. Then there is us...oh well... at least I still have a job to go to and I am thankful for that! I was feeling so down and Dan was going to be late getting home, so Jack and I stopped at Moe's for some comfort food ( AKA food someone else cooked!) He got a "kiddie cup" with his meal, but I did not use it. We used his sippy instead. When we got home. I gave him his cup. He LOVED it. He would not let it go. Luckily, it could go in the bath with him. I had a ball just watching him experiment with the water. He would fill it up, then sit in down in the water and wait for it to balance just right before he tried to put the lid on. Then the game became fill it up and get it up to the edge of the tub to sit while he put the lid on it. He would probably still be playing that game if the water had not gotten cold and I did not have to take him out. We dried, lotioned, rocked...cup still clutched tightly in his chubby little hands. I reluctantly put him in bed with it. Wonder if I will be able to pry it away once he is asleep?

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