Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top Ten things I got to notice by having a few extra days at home with Jack...thank you Rosiola!

Last Wednesday morning my little man woke up hot. I took his temp..low grade- I thought... teething. I took him to school and told Kim about the temp and explained, there were no other symptoms, poor guys must be teething. She agreed and off to work I went. I called to check in and she said he was doing great! About an hour later, she called back- he was hot. Probably about 101. I went and got him and home we went. He was SOOO ill. My guy is never ill and he likes to be put to bed ALONE. He was an absolute fuss bucket and did not want to be put down. Only held. I rocked and rocked and rocked him. He woke up a few times that night. He was miserable. I kept pumping him full of tylenol. Off to the Doc we went on Thursday. No flu, no strep...dr's orders were to alternate Tylenol and Motrin...just keep him comfy and keep the fever down. Long story short, the fever finally broke on Saturday ( just in time for Dan to arrive back from Macon). I STILL did not know what it could be. Sunday morning, he had a rash all over his little torso....classic case of Rosiola.

Spending so much time at home with Jack, made me notice a few amazing things about my little man. OK, some just kinda funny or noteworthy, but still, things that I usually would have just passed off as everyday life because I am so busy with other things. After the hell week we had last week, I guess it made me realize what a sweet smart boy I do have. In the interest of documenting some of the little things, here is a list of 10.

1) He says ma-ma' and da-da' with an accent on the end like he is italian

2) He is almost walking...been cruising for a while, but he just won't let go

3) He has definitely started with a bit of separation anxiety....cries just a little when I leave the room. (I have learned that if I just keep going I am quickly forgotten).

4) He brushes his hair in the morning...we started that a few weeks ago

5) I started giving him his toothbrush a few days ago...I brush a little, then let him take over.

I am amazed that he KNOWS what a brush is. He has tried to brush his hair with his toothbrush and has tried to stick his brush in his mouth to brush his teeth!

6) He cries for me to turn the iPod on in the car. He has his very own playlist and he loves it! There is one song that is children singing Jesus loves me and they all laugh at the end. He laughs every time, right along with them!

7) He laughs whe all the grown-ups around him laugh: and coughs to get attention if no one is looking at him.

8) He does not need his very own playlist of music played in order to be in the mood to dance. He bobs his head to any beat and sways along with the slow stuff- my little man has soul!

9) The other day, he found a passy on the floor in his room. He already had one in his mouth so I said, "Jack, that is an extra one...put it in your bed". He crawled right over and put it through the bars of his crib into his bed! Nevermind that he PROMPTLY started crying because he wanted it back....he understood me!

10) The other day when we were leaving Mrs. Kim's, he said Bye- Bye'. Of course with an accent like he was Italian!

I love that little booger so much...I could just BURST!

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