Saturday, September 19, 2009


Jack's First Beach!

He LOVED it!

He even did pretty good on the road trip!

We walked on the beach every day-
this particular morning was beautiful!

The Pirate Lady at Eddy Teech's Raw Bar
Jack really seemed to like her. So did Barry.
I think her name is Doreen....

We had great company
The Holmes' including Roxie the cousin whippet!

The Lohr's
They didn't stay long, but we were glad they joined!

The Jepsen's- Cheers!
And Sirus, too!

Jack carried all our stuff to the beach
every day in his trusty wagon
Thanks Jack!

He had fun poolside, too!

Let me tell you this place is Awesome! I can't wait to go back...we did NOTHING except cook, eat, swim, sunbathe, read and sleep the whole time! This is what a vacation should be. In the past few years, anywhere we have been, I come home ABSOLUTELY whipped. I mean WORN. OUT. With loads and loads of laundry to do. This trip, I came home refreshed with suitcases full of clean laundry. We had a great time actually spending time with friends- it has been kinda hard with the Boy Blu's bedtime being around 7 pm. That makes it hard to even grab dinner with friends. It was great to just relax and catch up and talk! Not everyone stayed the full week, which actually turned out to be perfect even though I was sad to see them leave. It was kind of cool to just relax with my boys!
I am counting down the days and scoping out houses for next year!

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