Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

Well, the nip in the air finally says fall to me! I got really into it last weekend!
First, we met the Gate's family on Saturday at the Georgia Aquarium for a day of fun. It was a great time. The aquarium is so cool and it was great spending time with old friends! Jack was pretty good considering his age. There was a lot for him to look at and he took it all in.
Sunday, was step into fall day at the Marsh house. I made pumpkin bread...yum. I have been enjoying making things from scratch lately. Not sure what has gotten in to me as I usually am NOT into cooking! I actually made it in mini bunt pans and turned them back to back to make a pumpkin shape. Then put leaf shaped spice drops on top to make pumpkins! Then, we took Jack to the pumpkin patch. We got some really good ones! Now to decide what the carvings will be- hmmmm..... After supper ( a new crock pot recipe- what the devil is going on with me???) we headed out to the back yard for some smores. FUN!

So far no plans for this weekend. Looks like I will need to go ahead and clean the house- BOOOO!
Maybe I could put my monogrammed valance together for the "new" bathroom instead....or maybe plant some on Jack's baby book?
The possibilities for options OTHER than cleaning the house are ENDLESS! Unfortunately, the dust bunnies are taking over so I better get busy!
Stay tuned for some exciting milestone updates! Jack has conquered cruising and is moving on to bigger and better things! Look out world, you have another walker joining your ranks!

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Kelly Brown said...

Pics of the bathroom when you are done please! And mail the bread to Bama. Thanks. Can't wait to see you :) Auntie KK