Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward

I have started carrying Monag shirts at The Pickle Tree. The quality is ridiculously GREAT!
They are the perfect combination of thick and soft. That my friends, is a hard balance to strike!

This little gown is my new favorite! I cannot wait until we agree on a name for Blu 2 so that I can make one for him! These letters are handcut and heat fused on, then top stitched for cuteness and extra durability. The egdes will fray up to the stitching which I think will make it even cuter!

This dress is actually a spring favorite. When I was asked to do three for sisters, I was so excited. I could not resist a picture of them all together. It is not really styled and it is on a lovely background of storage shelves and office eqipment, but it still looks like a beautiful bouquet to me!

This sweet little number is actually ready to ship! It is a size 12M and with it's sassy paisley and cute optional sash who can resist it? Check it out on etsy to see how cute it is without the sash too!
One dress, two looks- perfect for your little diva!

This design is a new twist on the classic pillowcase dress. The ruffle at the neck is a GREAT alternative for those little ladies who are not fans of the ribbons!
You know who you are!!!

This is hot off the press- the "Take me Home" dress and bloomers. It is not listed on etsy yet as I am still playing with fabrics for it. I am a HUGE fan of the Kaufman Carolina gingham. This one is NOT made of that, but I think if I list it, it will be. This is a much lighter weight gingham which I love for this particlar style, but it was a little flimsy for monogramming so I am torn?
With it's fancy monogram and ric rac trim at the cuff, it is a southern classic not to be missed!

And THIS is the much anticipated summer replacement shirt for the long sleeved one that my son wore SLAP out! I have since added his name underneath with flames fabric at his insistence!
After I finished this one, he kept saying that he did not like it. I could not figure it out. I mean, it was exactly the same as the long sleeved one. I just decided to leave his name off this one. Well, he kept insisting that it did not  have the flames. Well, there is a little flame on the side, so I was SOOO confused??? FINALLY I realized that on the last shirt, I had done his name in flames. I added his name and ta-da...he asked to wear it this morning! YAY!
He is VERY particular when it comes to his Gravedigger shirts.
I was thinking, if my son is SO into monster trucks, there must be other little guys out there who are into them too. I am thinking about listing this on etsy. I just need to get a good photo of the one with his name on it!

Well, it is going to be a long couple of days as we recover from the clocks springing forward.

But it is SOOO worth it to get those extra hours of daylight in the evening!

Happy Daylight Savings time!

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