Thursday, February 9, 2012

So many little little time

I like to keep up with things about Blu on this blog because I find it hard to keep a baby book and I find it easy to refer back to this when I want to reminiesce or just note when he did what!!

You on the other hand might find this boring, so consider yourself forewarned!!!

He has been a little hot and cold about a new baby. He is mostly pretty keen on it, but I think he got thrown off track a little when we found out it was a boy. He still calls him "her" and "she" sometimes!

BUT- he is starting to warm up and is really sooo sweet about it!

We keep asking him about baby names...he liked Cooper at first, but most recently he has decided that he wants to call the baby Noodle!

He calls it HIS baby. That makes me a little nervous that he might try to pick him up when I am not looking or something, but we will be on the watch out for that!

Lately, in the tub, he has been saying that he does not paly with certain toys anymore, can we put them up to give to the baby?

Most anything he does could be followed at any given moment by the statement, "babies can't do that"( ride a bike, play basebasll, put on socks), or babies don't like that" (about foods and drinks).
It is pretty clear that he is gearing up in his own little way and I wish so bad I could see into his little head to know what he thinks about it all!!!

He is starting to get so big. He peddles his little bike that he got for his birthday last year. So fast that sometimes he turns it over! He just gets up and hops back on- makes me so proud!

He is mastering his jeep powerwheels that we got for him when he was two....what can I say? We jumped the gun, we were sooo excited! He is finally growing into it!

He can put on his own shoes, socks, underwear, pants and shirt. He always says out loud, "tag goes in the back". It is so cute!

Everyday when he wakes up, the first thing he says is, "are we staying home all day"?
This morning, I had to go in his room and wake him. I was already dressed and ready for work. I was trying to let him sleep until the very last minute. He woke and immediately started crying. " I want you to take your clothes off and put on your jammies". Poor little guy. He wants to be a "stay at home" kid so bad.

Sometimes, out of the blue, he just says things like he wants to fly up to heaven to see nanny.
"Come on, momma, let's go fly up to heaven and see nanny"...such a precious child!

He loves his family and I am so glad because I am always nervous that he will not have the kind of family bonds that I had growing up since we live so far away. Recently, we were on our way to Alabama for his cousin, G's birthday party and we stopped for a bathroom break on the road. He picked a bag of rainbow chocolate chip cookies for a snack. He was LOVING those cookies. After a few minutes he said, "momma, I want to save the rest of these for Grace, and Aleah, and Sophie, and KK, and Jarah, and Josh and Scott....he doesn't miss a thing. He is so precious to me. We got to KK's house, went inside and he started playing and you know, he remembered those cookies and asked for them so he could share. LOVE HIM!

He asks almost daily about grandma and grandpa. On that same visit recently, grandpa was out of town on a trip and he still talks about going back and says "will grandpa be there this time"?

Sweet baby boy. I love you so much. I know that you are going to be such a loving big brother and great teacher. I cannot wait until we become a family of four, but I cherish these last few months that I get you all to myself.

Just one thing...can you please stop growing up so fast?

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